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    Thoughts? (Boy Edition)

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    Shepherd Charles, Paxton James, Milo Bear, Gideon Sage, Knox Bravery, Elijah Wolf, Wyatt Langley, Tobias Wilder, Deacon James, and Asher Isaiah.

    Holland Elias and Piper Adeline

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    Atticus Vincent Shepherd - Really nice combo!
    Uriah Dashiell Tabor - Nice flow and Uriah is so handsome!
    Horatio Tiberius Ever - I think this combo needs a name that’s a little less grand, it feel like it’s a little too much. What about Horatio Tobias Ever, Horatio Titus Ever, Horatio Taren Ever, Horatio Theron Ever?
    Saint Asher Gideon - this one is a little clunky to me, how about Saint Arlo Gideon, Saint Alaric Gideon, Saint Adair Gideon?
    Twain Silas Henry - they have the same amount of syllables which makes it sound like three unrelated names
    Caspian Wilder Knight - Strong and handsome!
    Paxton Orwell Blythe - My least favorite from your list
    Hawthorne Eli Cricket - Love this one! I think is so adorable!
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    Hi again!

    Here are my thoughts on the boys:

    1. Atticus Vincent Shepherd -I like Atticus. It's a little cowboyish sounding, but also sounds like a smart dad & good lawyer (wonder where that comes from? .) I don't know that this combo flows that great, but it's not bad. I like Atticus nn Gus or Kit a lot.

    2. Uriah Dashiell Tabor -Nice mns, but Uriah just reminds me of urethra.

    3. Horatio Tiberius Ever -I don't know that I care for Horatio. No real reason; it's just not my style.

    4. Saint Asher Gideon-The mns are quite nice, but I don't like Saint as a fn. It's just too much to saddle a kid with.

    5. Twain Silas Henry -Because you're a Mark Twain fan? If so, I'd be more tempted to do Clemens. . I love the Silas Henry part.

    6. Caspian Wilder Knight -Caspian Wilder is awesome. Caspian is so cool. It's strong yet artsy. Knight isn't a bad mn, but I personally don't like the repetition of the long 'i' sounds.

    7. Paxton Orwell Blythe -I don't care much for Paxton. It seems a little trendy. Orwell is neat, but Blythe is too feminine.

    8. Hawthorne Eli Cricket-I think that Hawthorne is better as a mn. It looks neat, but to actually picture calling out Hawthorne to your little guy at a playground, or someone introducing themselves to their new college roommate as's just too much. The Eli Cricket part is super cute though. I guess I should think that Cricket is too much for an actual name too, but it's so cute. Especially w/the nn Kit.

    Hope this helps.
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    Atticus Vincent Shepherd
    Love Atticus and Shepherd -rugged yet sweet! I think Atticus Shepherd Vincent would flow a tad better but it's nice as it is

    Uriah Dashiell Tabor
    This one is really interesting!! I really enjoy the feel of it -something refined yet relaxed, grand but lively

    Horatio Tiberius Ever
    Horatio is amazing! I love it and in a combo with Ever is just delightful! Tiberius isnt for me and it's a little much here for me. I like pps suggestion of Tobias, but Julian, Julius, Silas, Vincent might work too

    Saint Asher Gideon
    Saint is not for me and sounds a little pretentious -sorry. Asher Gideon are stunning together though! Barnabas Gideon Asher/Asher Gideon? Thaddeus Asher Gideon/Gideon Asher? Asher Gideon Saint?

    Twain Silas Henry
    Twain is really interesting -literary and earthy feeling. Silas and Henry feel the same so this whole combo just feels lovely!

    Caspian Wilder Knight
    Love, love this! Such a great name, full of adventure and story

    Paxton Orwell Blythe
    This is such is such a calm and peaceful name. It's lovely

    Hawthorne Eli Cricket
    Rugged, literary and full of nature, with something gentle yet tough about it!
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    Atticus Vincent Shepherd - I like this combo! Atticus and Vincent are both quite "serious", but the fun Shepherd balances them out.
    Uriah Dashiell Tabor - Not crazy about it. Uriah just makes me think of urine, and Tabor of labor.
    Horatio Tiberius Ever - While I like Horatio, I think it might be too much with Tiberius next to it. Horatio Tobias Ever would be quite nice though!
    Saint Asher Gideon - Saint sounds like a title in this case, especially since Asher is biblical. Plus I'm not a fan of using ultra-religious names on real children, because you never know what religion they'll end up believing in, if any.
    Twain Silas Henry - Twain is a pretty unexpected choice but I do like it! Fun and sweet. The middle names aren't my style but they work well here.
    Caspian Wilder Knight - My favorite combo! All the names are incredibly handsome and make up beautiful imagery.
    Paxton Orwell Blythe - Paxton feels too trendy for my tastes, and I wouldn't use another surname with it (though I don't hate Orwell as much as its nameberry description does!). I don't mind Blythe on a boy since it's only a middle name.
    Hawthorne Eli Cricket - My second favorite! Hawthorne is really handsome and though I usually wouldn't go for either middle name they're great in this combo.
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    Atticus Vincent Shepherd - A handsome combo with a nice blend of soft and harsh sounds.

    Uriah Dashiell Tabor - It's not my style at all, but it does have a cool, cowboy-esque feeling about it.

    Horatio Tiberius Ever - This is gorgeous! I really like it.

    Saint Asher Gideon - This sounds more like a title with Saint in the first spot -- St. Asher. I'd change it to Asher Gideon Saint.

    Twain Silas Henry - A very country-sounding combo, I quite like it. I'm not a big fan of the 1-2-2 flow though. Maybe Silas Henry Twain or Henry Silas Twain?

    Caspian Wilder Knight - This has such amazing imagery! It sounds like a dashing 'knight in shining armour'.

    Paxton Orwell Blythe - I'm surprising myself by really liking this. Paxton and Blythe aren't names I'd usually like (especially Blythe on a boy) but I think they work well here and with Orwell.

    Hawthorne Eli Cricket - A lovely, down-to-earth combo.
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    I love Caspian Wilder Knight! It sounds very medieval and strong. Atticus Vincent Shepherd is a very handsome choice. I also like Saint Asher Gideon and Hawthorne Eli Cricket. These are very interesting names!
    Individually, I also like Dashiell, Silas, Henry, Paxton and Blythe.
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    1.*Atticus*Vincent*Shepherd- I think this one is alright, I'm not really a fan of Atticus but this combo has a nice flow and I love Shepherd!

    2.*Uriah*Dashiell*Tabor- I don't like Uriah or Tabor but Dashiell is handsome and this combo has a decent cadence

    3.*Horatio*Tiberius*Ever- Horatio and tiberius are a little over the top together imo so I wouldn't pair them together but Tiberius Ever is a great double middle!

    4.*Saint*Asher*Gideon- I really love Saint as a fn! Asher doesn't appeal to me. Maybe Saint Alaric Gideon as a pp suggested, or Saint Oliver Gideon. It sounds a little titular but I still like it.

    5.*Twain*Silas*Henry- love this!!

    6.*Caspian*Wilder*Knight- ok but doesn't appeal to me personally

    7.*Paxton*Orwell*Blythe- I really like this, Orwell Blythe sounds hearty, robust, historical and slightly romantic

    8.*Hawthorne*Eli*Cricket- possibly my favorite, Eli Cricket is too sweet!

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