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    Thoughts on "Abel" and it's historical context

    Hi. DH and I love this name for our peanut if it's a boy. We loved the TV show Sons of Anarchy, where the little boy was named Abel. So that's the meaning for us. However, in the biblical story of two brothers, Abel was a shepherd who was murdered by his brother Cain. He was the first person to die childless and due to a violent act. Not sure how we would go about explaining that dark story to our little one if we chose this name. Ha. The hebrew meaning is "breath" and "son", so I guess that isn't too bad.

    Is this usable? Honest thoughts please. TIA

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    I don't think that the story of Cain and Abel will haunt your son for the rest of his life. It won't be something he'll be teased for or anything either.

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    I know a lot of non Christians and they know the story of Cain and Abel so I think it will be recognized no matter what. However, I still think this name is completely usable. I love the meaning and Abel was a great person in the Bible so IMO I think it's a good namesake.
    People name their sons Cain and he was the first murderer so I don't think using Abel would be a big deal.
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    I like Abel a lot! Sons of Anarchy made me like the name too! I don’t think the biblical connection is a big deal, if you liked Cain I’d have a different opinion. I think people would immediately think of the Bible story with Cain, but I don’t think Abel is as strongly connected.
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    I love Abel! It is in the running for a first or middle name for our third boy. The biblical story does give me pause because I have other boys and don't like the idea that Abel is the good brother compared to the others. But I would still use it because I love the word association with ABLE and I just think it's really cute and wearable at all ages.

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    I like Abel and think it's usable. I know the story but the sounds, the meaning and the idea of being 'able' feel more significant to me
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    Abel is a pretty popular name, in the US top 150. It's a perfectly normal and well-used name despite the story.
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