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    Is Barnabas usable at all?

    I guess it's a simple question really... I've fallen in love with Barnabas, but is it usable at all? I love that it's a bit clunky and pompous, and it has some nice nicknames. Or is it just ridiculous? I've been reading some of the comments on NB and other websites, and now I'm not sure. Help me out here!
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    I think it's totally usable. I love the name Barnabas. I agree with you: the clunkiness is just plain cute. I don't like any of the nicknames tho so that would be a problem, but he doesn't necessarily need a nn. I think it's a good alternative to all the other really popular biblical names
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    It's definitely usable!
    I know two boys named Barney and I don't think Barnabas is too much of a stretch from there.
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    I think it's usable! It is a bit clunky but i like that about it.
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    I love Barnabas! It is so usable
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    I do prefer Barnaby, but I think Barnabas works too! I love nickname Barnes.
    I might assume Barnabas has religious parents, if that bothers you.
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    I really like Barnabas! It's totally usable imo.

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    I'm not sure there are any names that are truly unusable anymore. Barnabas is far better than some names I've heard at work. lol That being said, I'm going to be the odd man out so far and say Barnabas is a bit too much for my tastes. I'm sure I could get used to it if I knew a Barnabas, though. And for what it's worth, I am a religious person, so to speak, and it didn't occur to me that it's a religious name. Don't know if that matters to you any, but figured I'd weigh in on that since a few people had mentioned the Biblical connection.
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    I think it's pretty heavy.
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    Depends on where you are. I think a guy could pull off Barnabas in the UK, perhaps some other places in Europe. I feel like a Barnabas in the US would get laughed out of town unless you were in a place where eccentric names are the norm.

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