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    I want to legally change my name to this!

    So my current birth name is very mouthy and long and I have always wanted to change it. I wanted to know what my friends of name berry thought about the name "Karlie Boheme". Does it mesh well or does it sound nice? Thank you all!

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    Karlie Boheme sounds nice! Grounded but with flair
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    Look, I don’t know how old you are but I feel like a name change (just like a tattoo) has a high risk of being regretted later, when you’re looking for employment etc. or you’ve just outgrown it.
    I don’t mean any offense, but Karlie Boheme sounds exactly like a teenager made it up. You might want to go with Karlotta as a full name or use a middle name that’s less out there.
    Just consider whether in 20 years or more you’ll still be willing to explain why younger you went to all the trouble of changing her name to “Karlie Boheme” of all things

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    I think Karlie is really sweet, though I'd advice against this spelling. It'd get misspelled a lot. Carly is in the US top 450 most popular names, but Karlie isn't even in the top 1000.
    Boheme is a pretty trendy and out-there choice, do you have a reason for wanting to use it? If you just like the sound I'd probably go for something else (an honor name, a name that means something to you, a name based on your current first name etc)
    That said, the sound of Karlie Boheme is nice, not mouthy or anything.
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    LOL Karlee is a perfectly well-accepted name for adults? I know about 4-5 in their mid twenties.

    Karlotta isnt any less made-up, why does that make it any better?

    Also, “a teenager made it up”? I would hope that your implication is not that teens are the only ones choosing “made up” names (though Karlee isnt made up, it’s simply a variant for Carly - a made up name would be Cinderava or Skylariana) , for that would be a massive stereotype, and quite honestly disappointing.

    OP, there’s nothing wrong with Karlee Boheme, it’s lovely.

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    Karlie Boheme is fine.

    It's really not my style, but it's not my name! I'd probably spell it Carlie or Carly, and Boheme is intriguing and not something I'd pick for sound only. But if you feel it really fits you, then go for it.
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    Hi there.

    I actually like Karlie spelled this way. It's not my favourite name though but it's definitely wearable and if you like it go for it.

    On the other hand Boheme is very unusual to me. I myself know I wouldn't be confident enough to use either for myself or a child of mine. However if you love it and you feel it suits you then go for it.

    At the end of the day it's not what we think that matters but it's what you think. Good luck and I hope it all goes well for you.

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    I agree with PPs, Carly is nice although I don’t love the spelling Karlie. Boheme I don’t like. I agree that I would wait until you’re older if you are a teenager. Changing your name is a very very nice decision. You’ll hurt a lot of people, and people will be very confused.

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    Lmao I got my tattoos at 18 and 19 and don’t regret either of them.

    Karlie is nms but I absolutely adore Boheme. It’s on the list of names I’d consider for a daughter. Also, in regards to the name Carly, I’ve known Carley, Karleigh, Carli... I don’t know if I’ve even known a Carly. It’s one you’d likely have to spell out regardless.

    It is an uncommon combination so people may ask about it. There’s nothing wrong with changing your name though. Also, I wouldn’t bat an eye if I met an adult named Karlie. It was a common enough name for girls my age and I know lots of people with alternative spellings. If I found out the middle name was Boheme, I’d be blown away and would likely ask about it, but how often are middle names even used? For most people, you’ll just be Karlie.

    I think the combo flows well and it sounds like you love it!
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    I think Karlie Boheme sounds beautiful! I actually prefer that spelling to the traditional Carly. I've known Carly spelled a few different ways and this way doesn't seem too out there especially with Karlie Kloss familiarizing it in the mainstream.

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