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    Twins named Frederick & Thomas?

    I'm liking the names Frederick & Thomas for twins because I think they go together well and I like Freddie and Tommy, but my problem is that the name Thomas means "twin". Is that too tacky? Another problem is that Frederick is around #500 for boy names, but Thomas is closer to #50. Would this stop anyone from using them together?

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    I think it's fine! I doubt thr majority of people will know Thomas means twin and I've met a twin called Thomas and it didnt even cross my mind. As for the disparity in popularity, where i am, Frederick isnt popular but Freddie is and the two names feel very cohesive anyway
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    I have both names on my list, in fact Frederick Thomas has been a longtime favourite combination, and I really like the idea of having Thomas as a middle name if I ever have a boy twin.
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    They are great together! I love names but I’m not often familiar with name meanings unless I search them out so I don’t think many others would be either, and even if they do know it’s not like it is an unfortunate/terrible meaning, but rather fitting .
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    I think they sound great together . Same style and cute nicknames. I wouldn't worry that Thomas means twin. Only a fellow name nerd would know that and I kind of think it's sweet rather than tacky. Thomas is more popular but they are both classic names that have been used for a long time so I really don't think the popularity difference matters as much.
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    Both Frederick & Thomas and Freddie & Tommy work well together. They are similar styles without being too close. Now I think that you are just nitpicking minute details because this is a big decision.

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    Thomas and Frederick are amazing names for twins! I love your choices. They go so well together! Both names are timeless, traditional, charming and very handsome. The fact that Thomas means "twin" is a really interesting coincidence, in my opinion.
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    Thomas and Frederick work well together! I wouldn't worry about the meaning - non-namenerds are unlikely to know that Thomas means 'twin', and even if they do, I think it's fitting rather than tacky. I don't think the disparity in popularity is important either - both names feel classic and timeless.
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    I actually prefer Thomas for a twin because of the meaning! Other posters are right that most people don't know the meanings of names unless they are huge name nerds. Your son would likely know, but how he feels about it will be shaped by how you present it to him - it could be "You're the extra one so we just named you 'twin,'" or it could be "We really liked this name and then thought it was really cool that it also means 'twin' and you happen to be a twin!"

    I think it goes very nicely with Frederick - I actually know of someone named Fred Thomas (first and last), so it sounds really smooth to me.
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    I think they make amazing names for twins- Frederick and Thomas have the same classic style, and the nicknames Tommy and Freddie pair perfectly together too. I wouldn't worry about the twin meaning- I agree with previous berries that most people won't know the meaning, and even if they do it seems cool rather than tacky. And I think both are such well-known, timeless names that the difference in popularity doesn't really matter. I think Frederick and Thomas are great names for twin boys!
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