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    How many middle names would you use?

    Hi there.

    I am trying to decide whether I should use one or two middle names in my girl name combos. My boy name combos have one middle name each but then I have trouble finding boy names I actually like. On the other hand I like way to many girl names.

    So my dilemma is whether to have one or two middles. If say I had one son and one daughter do you think my son might feel left out at only having one middle name where as my daughter have two middle names?

    Do you think I am over thinking things? I want to decide one or two middle names before I make any more name combos for either gender. So what would you do?

    Thanks a lot.

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    I've never cared for more than one middle name. It just starts to sound like too much.
    Even though my hubby has talked me into it, if we ever have a boy, to keep his family tradition of his father's first name as our child's middle name. That way we still get to pick our own middle name but can still honor the tradition. I'm not thrilled but I'll compromise.

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    I personally prefer just one middle, but if you like enough girls names and enjoy 2 middle combos, go for it. I don't think it would be odd or lead to upset if a son only had one
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    Thanks for your thoughts both of you.

    Anyone else want to chime in?

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    I have two middle names (both family names) and my brother only has one and it’s never come up as strange.

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    Yes, you are probably overthinking it, but we've all been in your shoes! I would say go with your gut, I've never heard of siblings resenting difference in middle names/sharing middle names/having the same letter for first names, etc.
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    I prefer two middle names because then I can include family names and names I really love. Both my mum and my sister are the only ones out of three with two middle names, and it's never been mentioned or seen as weird. Go with whichever you like best
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    I personally prefer just one middle name, because where I'm from a middle name is more like a second first name. Not that there's anything wrong with two middle names.
    I don't think it matters much if one of your children has two middle names and the other child just one. I doubt it would ever even come up. Not weird at all.
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    I dont think it's a big deal if one in two or three kids has one more or less than the others. My dad has one middle, his brother has none. My uncle's eldest son has two, while his two other children have one. I also have a friend d who has one middle name, along with her older brother, while the younger brother has two.
    If you were to have three girls and a boy, I would probably give the boy two middle names to fit in at that point. Just like when people have a trend in first names, breaking it on the third is fine, but on the fourth seems a little out of place.
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    We like two middles, but I don't think there's any right or wrong way to do it. I'm not a fan of uneven middles (as in one child has one middle, one has two, one has none, etc), but it is just a personal decision and people do it - or don't do it - for different reasons.
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