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    Thoughts on these combos?

    My boyfriend and I have finally created a short list of girls (not pregnant but always planning ahead). I feel like we have to plan ahead because if we were ever to have a little girl I think she'd be nameless for a very long time!

    This is our newly created list:

    So now it's time to create some combo's with the above names; I do like two middle names and a nod towards the name Leon or meaning 'Lion' would be great e.g. Leona, Leonie, Leonora etc. Other family names; Frances (or variations), Anne, Tina, Beau, Ronald.

    So far the only combo's I have are Margot Leona Frances and Felicity Eleanor Maeve and I actually adore them but the boyfriend isn't convinced. Open to any other middle names suggestions and combo ideas. I would like to stick to names that are well known but not overly popular such as Olivia, Isabella etc. However, nothing too out there as my boyfriend will never go for it.

    Xavier Isaac James
    Ezekiel Asher Beau
    River Elias Gabriel
    Octavian Noah Caleb
    Atticus Theodore Jude


    Pandora Elowen Frances
    Persephone Matilda Alice
    Seraphina Imogen Violet
    Octavia Felicity Eden
    Zendaya Iris Winter

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    I love Margot Leona Frances! Felicity Eleanor Maeve is lovely too

    Felicity Annabelle Leona
    Felicity Leonore Violet
    Felicity Arielle Charlotte
    Harriet Leona Belle
    Harriet Francesca Nadine
    Harriet Leonora Mabel
    Margot Leandra Sophie
    Margot Leonie Anya
    Margot Tiana Lucy
    Margot Naomi Francea
    Naomi Lydia Anne
    Naomi Eleanor Carys
    Naomi Juliet Leonore
    Penelope Frances Bo
    Penelope Lois Adele
    Penelope Ariel Nina
    Rosalie Annabel Frances
    Rosalie Florence Tiana
    Rosalie Edith Francesca
    Rosalie Leonore Elsa
    Selena Margaret Leona
    Selena Dorothy Clara
    Selena Amelie Veronica
    Thea Penelope Frances
    Thea Imogen Leonie
    Thea Leandra Ivy
    Thea Annabeth Claire
    Thea Josephine Wren
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