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    Looking for name info.

    I knew a woman her sister's name was Estalene. I can't find info on it. She would have been born 1903 or so. Does anyone know?
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    The thing i keep finding is Estaline means Stalin?

    Estalene though had some usage in America between 1900-41 but after that it seemed to disappear. I also can't find any info on it really, but I'm thinking it could be an elaboration of Estelle or Esther, a created name mixing Estelle/Esther and any '-line' name or maybe a twist on Evelyn/Eveline.
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    I agree with @greyblue. To me, it looks like an invented name based on Esther or Estelle, or perhaps there is a connection to the US place name Estelline.

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