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    Help With B/G Twins!

    My husband and I were completely shocked to find out that we are expecting twins -- a boy and a girl. We have two daughters named Lucy Noel and Vera Mae. I could write a huge post just talking about the meaning in their names.

    We have struggled to name these babies far more than our first two, but have started to make some progress. We often disagree, and so for us it's largely about finding the best compromise names. Typically, classic names are we find some common ground.

    I really want their names to sound cohesive, without being matchy-matchy. And I also would like their meaning to vibe with one another. The boy's MN will be Jacob after his dad, which I know is a hard middle in terms of flow. And the girl's MN will likely, but not definitely (Ha!) be Elisabeth after my sister.

    Our two front-running sets are:

    Mavis and Silas. Both in sound and in meaning ("songbird" and "wood, forest") they vibe with each other. We like Mavis a lot, but I didn't like it at first and I'm worried it comes across too obscure/stuffy/dorky/dated like I thought it did when I first heard it before I sat with it a while.

    Charles/Charlie and Jane. My husband likes the idea of honoring our dads somehow. Jane is the feminine form of John, my FIL's name. And the only other girl name we have agreed on! We don't want to use my dad's first name, but Charles is his middle name. I like Charlie, but not Charles very much. Undecided on which we'd officially name him, but we would definitely call him Charlie. I'm willing to overlook the fact their meanings aren't similar in the interest of honoring our old men.

    The only other names neither of us have vetoed are Leo, Calvin, and Henry.

    Which set do you like? Does name set cohesion trump the sentimental family tie? Are there any potential sets you can think of based off of just one of the names we've agreed upon paired with one I haven't mentioned?

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    Mavis and Silas are stunning
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    Mavis and Silas are amazing.

    You know they’ll be twins. The means are both nature. And you could always put ho our names for their middles.

    Mavis Jane SOooooo cute
    Silas Charles So official and chic

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    I love Charlie and Jane! Especially with Vera and Lucy, very classic names but can also be made very modern!
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    Agree with pp, Mavis Jane and Silas Charles.
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    Mavis and Silas would be so cute with Lucy and Vera!
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    They're both good options!
    Mavis Jane and Silas Jacob with those middles puts Mavis and Silas in the lead for me

    I prefer Elisabeth with Jane. Charlie Jacob and Jane Elisabeth - I do love this set too.
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    Definitely Mavis and Silas.

    Charlie/Charles and Jane are both very plain in my opinion, but Mavis and Silas are lovely together and sound great with older sisters' names
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    I vote for Mavis Jane and Silas Jacob.

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