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Thread: Atlas?

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    I'm due in November - my 3rd and my husband's first. I've had my heart set on Ulysses for a couple of years, but recently my husband confessed that he really doesn't like the name. I don't like his top choice either, and there are not many names we do agree on. We both like Atlas enough to use it as a first name, so we're calling that the compromise for now. He did say we could Ulysses in the middle spot. Last name is Rose.

    Atlas Ulysses - what do you think?
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    I love it! Atlas is a fantastic name and Ulysses makes a distinguished middle name. The only thing is that Atlas Rose makes me think of Axl Rose but that doesn’t matter at all, it’s just an association I noticed. Cool name! I’d love to use Atlas if we have a boy next, if my partner would allow it...

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    I like it, strong choice!
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    Atlas Rose is a great combo and Ulysses works with it!

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    Atlas Ulysses is great! Bold but also very bearable!
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    Atlas Ulysses is so handsome, I love it!
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    Wow. What an awesome name! I love the way your last name works with it too. Sounds very poetic. Use it!
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