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    Victoria combos needing critique please

    Hi there. Sorry again for posting so many threads tonight. I am all over the place.

    I would like some critique on three combos please.

    They are...

    Lucy Victoria Elodie Rose

    Lucy Victoria Isobel Rose

    Lucy Victoria Juliet Rose

    Lucy is by far along with Lucia our favourite name.

    Victoria is an honour name for both of us.

    Elodie, Isobel and Juliet are all names we love. However at this point we can not decide which we like best with Lucy Victoria.

    Rose is my boyfriends surname.

    Which combo has the best flow?

    Which combo do you like best?

    Thanks all.

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    I like Juliet best. I feel like it flows best and feels finished!
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    Lucy Victoria Juliet is my pick, lovely!
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    Lucy Victoria Juliet gets my vote.

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    I like it with Isobel the best!

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    Thanks all.

    Juliet is s the winner at the moment.

    Does anyone else want to chime in?

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    All of them go so well, so they’re pretty close for me! I think Isobel might be my favorite, but just by a hair.
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    Elodie, Isabel and Juliet are all lovely names, but my favourite in your combo is Juliet.

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    May I suggest …

    Lucia Vittoria Isobel
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    Another vote for Lucy Victoria Juliet!
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