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Thread: Am I crazy??

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    Am I crazy??

    My favorite boy name is Peter.

    Our last name is pronounced "SUH-star."

    I'm worried if he shortens it to Pete, it will sound like his name (Peter SUH-star) is "Pizza Star."

    Am I crazy? My family things it's a silly reason to cross off my favorite name.


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    Two things, it took me a few minutes to figure out what you were talking about But here's my assessment
    1. Peter & Suh-Star rhyme
    2. Pete-suh-star does sound like that, though it doesn't look like it

    I hate to say it but I wouldn't use it as a first name, but I would use it as a middle if it were my fav, even with rhyming, or as the first of 2 middles even better! But it might not be your boys first name.
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    I do see where you’re coming from, but honestly I don’t think its any reason not to use your favourite name! I doubt it would be noticeable anyway unless you pointed it out.
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    I agree with @asunflower. I can’t definitely see it, but I don’t think I would’ve had it not been pointed out to me. Peter is a lovely, classic name!
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    I think it's fine. Peter is short enough that i don't think it would be automatically shortened
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    Don't worry about it. Peter is a great name, and chances of him shortening it to Pete are slim - it's not a long name to begin with.
    If anything, he can have a cool alter-ego

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    Keep your favourite name! Personally, I can barely hear it because of the pause between the first name and last name that breaks the flow of "pizza." The second syllable of your surname also hides the "pizza" sound because the emphasis is different. Your surname is one whole package. People shouldn't say the first syllable, then pause and say the second syllable.

    Remembering this is all hypothetically if your son ever goes by Pete anyway. Besides, "pizza star" isn't really a thing is it?

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    I don’t think anyone else will think of pizza, but if it really bothers YOU, then don’t use Peter. I think it sounds fine! Peter is a great name

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    You aren't crazy, but I also think the Pizza Star thing isn't that obvious. I doubt anyone will catch on, and if they do, so what? Pizza is awesome!
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    I read it as Pete sister but I could also see it as pizza star.

    You could just always call him by Peter and if he doesn't like it he can change his last name.

    You guys could always legally change your last name.

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