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    How about this name?

    So my fiancé and I have the hardest time really agreeing on a girls name we both love for our next daughter. We originally liked Adalynn which we still do but the name Amelia has been weighing on me. I have loved this name since I was younger and always said I would name my first daughter this, but once I was pregnant I changed my mind and we decided on Eliana so my daughter now is Eliana Katharine and we call her Ellie.

    My fiancé and I both like Emilia spelled this way. Love all the nickname options. And I understand is has the same first initial as my daughter now but I feel they are different enough to hold their own. And we could call her Emmy.

    So it would be Emilia MaeEmmy”.
    What do you all think???
    She’ll be a sister to Eliana Katharine “ Ellie”?
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    I love Emilia, and Emilia Mae nn Emmy is cute!


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    Thank you! I’m really loving it right now.

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    Emilia Mae has such a nice sound and Emmy is lovely!
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    I don't think Emilia is too similar to Eliana, they can definitely work as siblings. I'd probably spell it Amelia personally, to avoid the shared initials. Same initials on children of the same gender can lead to confusion with post, as my friend frequently complained about sharing all his initials with his dad, and my brothers have issues with post addressed to Mr Initial Surname, because not everywhere includes a second initial.
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    Thanks. And yea I understand about shared initials. But I love the nickname Emmy and I don’t think I can use Emmy with the Amelia spelling.

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    Emilia Mae (Emmy) would be a lovely choice for you. It only shares the initial with Eliana but the sounds are different so it is fine with her sister.

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    I do find Eliana "Ellie" and Emilia "Emmy" similar on a number of fronts. Both start and end with the same letters as each other "e" and "a", are four syllables long, share the actual same vowel sounds, share all the same letters besides one and the letters that do differ "n" and "m" are also quite similar.

    Just the overall impression for me is that there is a strong likeness between the names, including nicknames. But that is me. You clearly love the name, and that is reason enough to keep it on your list or even use it if you feel it is the one. All the best deciding!

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    I really like Emilia, especially Emilia Mae, Emilia Mary or Emilia Madeline, for you.
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    Emilia is a pretty name. I feel like Emilia May would be nicer but if you likd Mae, go for it. I must say though Emilia/ emmy and Eliana/ ellie are quite alike, hopefully it won't get confusing or be a bit of a tongue twister.

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