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    Lily or Lia/Leah?

    My husband and I are naming our daughter Lilias this winter, but we are brainstorming some nickname options (since Lilias is pretty unique). The obvious choice is Lily, but I thought taking Lia/Leah from the middle was clever and pretty. What do you think? Do you like Lily or Lia/Leah better. Her last name will be O'Neil.

    Also, what do you think of the different spellings of Lia/Leah? Lia is the spelling found in her name (liLIAs), but it feels too trendy to me and it reminds me of Mia which I don't care for. Leah looks more appealing to me written and I love the more classic, traditional spelling but I wonder if it would bother me being a different spelling from her name. We are naming her after a specific person, so the spelling of Lilias cannot change (Lileas doesn't work).

    Thank you for your input!

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    I really like the name Lilias. I for one like the spelling Lia. It doesn't look trendy to me though I would spell the name Leah as stand alone name. I think Lia loos more like a nickname for Lilias than Leah does. To me Leah is a completely different name to Lia as well.

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    I like Lia a lot
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    Lilias is a beautiful name!
    I prefer Lia, it doesn't make me think of Mia (which I also dislike), it just looks sweet to me.
    Other nicknames that could work are Lil, Lissie, Lassie, Lilo and Lilou.
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    Lilias is lovely, and I like Lia. I've got Lia as a nickname for Talia and Lilia on my longlist. I prefer the spelling from the name, as Leah looks like a complete name to me. When I was younger I went by a nickname more and used to insist it should be spelt how it is in my full name, rather than the 'correct' way. It makes more sense to me.
    However, if you are considering Lily as a nickname too, you can you both. That's the fun of nicknames, different people can use different ones or use multiple nicknames until the child grows up with a preference.
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    Lilias is gorgeous! I prefer Lily as a nickname, though Lia/Leah is a lovely too. I would spell it Lia because to me Leah is a standalone name.

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    I like Lilias! I would go with Lily because I think it's more intuitive and pretty. Lia is nice as well, though. I would definitely use the Lia spelling, since Leah is a completely different name with a different origin.

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    While I love the name Leah, it's too much to spell it like that as a nickname for something else. I like the nickname Lia more than Lily in your context. It's more unexpected in a cool way.

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    Thanks for your input! My husband still likes Lily better than Lia, but we'll see what happens when she's born!

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    Lia or Lil for sure. Both are true to her original name, short and sweet.
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