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    Absolutely Stumped

    Hi, Berries. We recently found out we're having a second daughter and are at a total loss as to what to name her. Our first is Em-uh-leen (trying not to spell it out for search engine purposes) and we call her M-E for short, sometimes just M (obviously each spelled out).

    We discussed Olivia and Lydia for her sister but neither feels like the name just yet. Maybe it's just too fresh, as we were really hoping for a boy, but something about them just I'm kind of hoping to find another three syllable name with an easy-to-get-to nickname. Preferably something not TOO popular but it doesn't have to be as "unique" as our first's as far as the ranking on the popularity charts go. No real theme to stick to and middle names is something we'll figure out once we get there so no restrictions as far as that goes.

    Our last name is two syllables and fairly common if that helps.

    Please hit me with your best (preferably) three syllable names, Berries! I'm certainly open to something that's not three syllables, it's just what I tend to prefer.

    Examples of names I like but likely can't use for various reasons are Madelyn (Maddy), Allison (Allie), Vivan (Vivi?). Others I like that don't necessarily fit the bill are Rachel, Hannah, and Megan.

    Any help is appreciated!

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    Clementine nn Clem popped into my mind straight away. I think it suits your daughter’s name really well!

    Eleanor nn Nell or Leni would nice nice too.
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    I actually love Lydia for you. I don't think I have any new suggestions, but some I especially love:

    Adelaide nn Addie or Daisy
    Genevieve nn Vivi
    Virginia nn Ginny
    Philippa nn Pippa
    Marguerite nn Margot or Daisy or Maggie
    Sylvia nn Sylvie
    Rosalie nn Rosie
    Cassandra nn Cassie
    Rebecca nn Becca
    Joanna nn Jo
    Clarissa nn Clary
    Ellen Virginia * Nancy Eleanor * May Genevieve * Celia Madeleine * Audrey Claire * Bess Emilia
    Nathaniel Francis * Leo Edmund * Benedict Henry * Virgil Blaise * Joseph Malachi * Timothy Jerome

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    Here's some unisex names for you since others just listed girly ones, hopefully you'll like one of these.


    Three syllable names since you wanted those.

    Hermione nn Esker or Hale
    Maximus nn Muse
    Dakota nn Doe or Kojak
    Apollo nn Pip or Allo
    Amari nn Mars or Ari

    Either way good luck.
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    Thanks, berries! I feel like I've seen and briefly considered most of these but there are a few fresh ideas on this list! I'll try to update if/when we decide on something!

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