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    Ffion and Fleur - Are They Usable?

    I seem to keep revisiting Ffion and Fleur a lot lately - Ffion is a nod to my Welsh heritage (it's the name for foxglove in Welsh) and Fleur is a nod to my French heritage (meaning flower), so the personal connections are quite lovely for me, but I worry that maybe neither name is overly wearable?

    What are your thoughts on Ffion and Fleur? Are they usable?


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    Fleur feels wearable to me. The Harry Potter association -though not super obvious or glaring- has made the name more familiar and i think a lot of people would know of it

    Ffion is bolder and braver, the double f may throw people and it may get confused with Fiona, but i dont think it's a difficult one for peoplr to get their head round
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    Fleur definitely is usable. Ffion I'm not sure...
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    Fleur is wearable for sure.

    Ffion looks like a typo.

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    I think enough people have heard of Fleur to make it useable.

    Ffion is trickier and might depend on where you live. I once had a coworker named Fion, but I never heard her name said aloud so I don’t know how it’s pronounced or if it’s the same name as Ffion with a different spelling.

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    Fleur is so usable! I know it from Harry Potter so it makes it a bit more known. Ffion is so adorable to me! They would be cute as siblings!

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    I like in the UK, and to me Ffion is perfectly usable. I don't think I've ever met a Ffion, but I've heard a few mentioned - friends of a friend. Ffleur is sweet, but I'm always reminded of a kids show where there was a secret agent called Fleur Bleu on one episode, so it sounds sort of awkward. But O can imagine it being more usable in Canada due to the French ties. I prefer Ffion though, as it sounds more lively and playful
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    Thanks everyone! I definitely expected Fleur to be the less user-friendly of the two, so this surprises me quite a bit!

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    I think Fleur is very pretty, definitely usable. Ffion I don’t thik is usable, what about Fiona?
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