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    Thoughts on...

    Hi there.

    I am liking the name Olivia recently. I would use it as a middle name. Full combo would be Lucy Faye Olivia or Lucie Fay Olivia. What are your thoughts on Olivia and what are your thoughts on the full combo?

    Thanks everyone.

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    Lucy/Lucie Fay(e) Olivia is stunning! I've always had a soft spot for the name Olivia, personally. It's popular, sure, but it's lovely, nonetheless.

    Would you be open to Lucy Olivia Fay(e)/Lucie Olivia Fay(e)? I feel like this may flow just a pinch better, but regardless of how you combine them, they're lovely names.
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    Lucy Faye Olivia (or Lucy Olivia Faye as pp poster suggests) would be lovely! Though popular, in the middle spot Olivia feels lively and sweet
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    I like Lucy Olivia Fay better. Lovely combination!
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    Olivia is an amazing name! It is beautiful, elegant, timeless and sweet. Lucy Olivia Fay(e) and Lucie Olivia Fay(e) would flow beautifully!
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    Thank you all for replying. I do also like Lucy/Lucie Olivia Fay/Faye.

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    Another vote for Lucy Olivia Faye

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    I personally dont like it, its overused. I'd personally just go with Fay as the first name and Lucy as the middle.

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    Thanks all. I am going to add Lucy Olivia Faye and Lucie Olivia Fay to my baby name list. Thanks again.

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