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    Which spelling would you use?

    Hi there.

    I am at a total loss on which spelling I prefer and which spelling would cause less headaches for a future daughter of mine.

    The spellings are Lucy and Lucie. I like both to be honest.

    I feel both have some good and bad points to them. It's why I am asking in this poll which one you would use.

    Thanks all.

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    I LOVE the idea of Lucie, especially with the Dickensian literary cred. But for practicality, I'd go with Lucy, unless you don't mind saying "Lucie with an -ie" a lot (and maybe that won't be a major bother for you).
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    I prefer Lucy. Adore Lucy. It would be on my short list but my puppers is Lucy.

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    Lucy due to it being more common and intuitive to the ears. Great name you got.
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    Lately I've been preferring Lucie!
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    For most names I like them better ending in -ie, but Lucy is one of the exceptions to that. Beautiful name!
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    Lucy is much more common and will therefore cause fewer headaches for you and your daughter. Lucie also looks like it's short for Lucille or Lucinda, whereas Lucy looks like a complete, full name.
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    As a teacher I would definitely say Lucy, it's the obvious spelling. Lucie doesn't sound any different so I'm always for the most common/recognised spelling.

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    Lucy is the easier option. A child called Lucie will forever be correcting people on how to spell her name, as most people won't even think to question such a common spelling. Lucie is fine as a nickname, but if going for the full name I would suggest sticking to Lucy
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    Love Lucy! Would stick with the original spelling to avoid confusion and corrections.

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