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Thread: Ttc 2020!

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    Feb 2020
    Hi everyone, it's truly inspiring to read you all and I'm so happy to not be alone in this hard TTC journey. My husband and I are both 28, we've had our first daughter so quickly so I thought I would have kids without any problems, but that wasn't the case. Our second daughter took a little bit longer but not something concerning. Our third daughter took 2 whole years and let me tell you I was frustrated and devastated with myself, which I shouldn't have been because bodies that can create a new little life are so wonderful, I had already created two wonderful little babies at that time, now three! Anyway, I'm here today because we have been TTC for 3 years now for our fourth baby and I didn't want to feel alone in this (I've seen change in my body so I will take a pregnancy test today since I haven't in 3-4 months) Good luck to everyone, I'll be here to support you all!

    Update: I am pregnant!!! So crazy I can say that since I thought I would TTC much longer still! Wishing everyone here the best!!!
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    Hello! I am coming over from the TTC 2019 thread. We have had no luck. I think we are going on something like 11 months TTC now. This is all new to us since our other 5 pregnancies (1 was a miscarriage) took us less than 2/3 months to conceive each. Its been a bumpy road but hoping this spring will be our time. Fingers crossed and good luck to all.
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    Hi everyone 👋🏻 I’ve been a frequent nameberry reader but finally joined, and I’m glad to see this thread!

    My husband and I got married in 2018 and have decided to start TTC in April-ish 2020 😁 I am so excited but also nervous. Finding a community of people who are experiencing a lot of the same things does make me feel better! I have one friend also trying this summer. I’m hesitant to talk to too many people about plans because of expectations and having to explain if things don’t go well.

    I’m relatively healthy, trying to lose a few pounds (5-10) but nothing crazy. I’m relatively active in day to day life, no smoking, rarely drink, and eat a pretty balanced diet. My husband and I are both starting prenatal vitamins when they arrive next week. I’m just starting a period from BC pills but not restarting a new pack after this. Anyone have any other tips of things we should be doing?

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    Hello! My husband and I are planning on TTC starting June 2020 after I finish school and we move to be closer to family. I am sooo excited about the naming part and pretty much petrified about everything else. I'm sure I will be on here a lot more at the time draws nearer!
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