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Thread: Ttc 2020!

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    My husband and I are in negotiations over TTC in 2020!

    I will be 30 in February and he will be 33 in March. We're both gainfully employed and relatively healthy, but have had a bonkers second half of 2019 that has led to weight gain, unhealthy lifestyle habits, a few large emergency bills, etc. I am hoping the end of 2019 is a bit smoother for us so we can focus on getting our "house" in order, so to speak (and literally!) and develop a more conclusive time frame in 2020

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    Hi everyone,

    My husband and I just got married in October. We are finally going to get to go on our honeymoon in April and after that we are going to ttc for our first. Everyone around me seems to be pregnant already, including my SIL, so it will be nice to hopefully have our little ones pretty close in age, like a year apart.
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    Hello everyone

    My husband and I got married young so we are coming up on 4 years married and are both 24. And it feels like I have had baby fever since I was 15. We are finally in a situation where if we got pregnant right now, it would be okay! For a long time at the beginning of our marriage, we had a less than stellar housing situation, and my husband was going to school. So we have in the last 6 months stepped into a new season where my husband is settled into his career that he loves and could support us if I wanted to stay home with babies. But we are taking our time until we really really feel like we are ready (we both are young after all). There are a couple of financial goals we would like to meet before TTC but we are a little lax about them, they aren't really hard rules. We are going to have another serious talk mid-2020 (June or July) about what we want to have happen before we are comfortable TTC.

    But I kind of have my heart set of having my first @25. I know it's not that different, but the idea of having my first @26 just feels so much farther away and makes me sad Is that weird?

    I guess this waiting period is what kind of drove me to making this account! I have had lists on lists for a long time but now that it is just a waiting game, I'm going crazy haha.

    @princessshannon everyone around me seems to be pregnant and having babies too, including one of my SIL also!
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    I don't think it is weird. Everyone is different, and everyone feels "ready" at different times. I most certainly did not want a baby at 25, but we were going through some things and hadn't met a lot of our goals. I have been a "I'll think about babies once I get to 28 or maybe 30" kind of person for a while now, but that is just me. If you feel like this is when you want to start this journey then that's what's right for you.
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    Hello 2020! Happy January 1st, everyone! Excited to share everyone's journeys this year! Baby dust to all those that wish it! xx
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    Yes, finally 2020 . Hope everyone had a great New year!
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    Happy 2020 everyone!
    Some of you may recognize me from the 2018/2019 TTC threads. Yup I’m still here. Still no baby in our house. We’ve started TTC again as of last night, and here’s hoping 2020 is the year. My baby fever is back and I’m looking hopefully forward to potentially being pregnant again soon. Along with that comes a lot of fears, but I’m far healthier and stronger than when we started to TTC and encountered all of our troubles. Best of luck to everyone this year!

    (And a small PSA to all you TTC newbies - Please consider the feelings of others before you post. Yes, feeling frustration is normal, even a month or two into the process, but some of us have been at this for a long, heart breaking amount of time, and not just myself. Support each other but be aware!)

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    @kibby It's so good to see you here! We were on another TTC thread together before, I don't know if you'll remember, but I remember you! I've wondered about how you were doing these past months and I'm so glad you're in a position where you feel healthy and strong and ready to TTC again. I hope this is the year for you too!

    We'll hopefully be trying as of next month but this baby has been the hardest decision of them all. We both really want one more and feel that will complete our family, but we also really have our hands full with three little ones already so we've had significantly difficult discussions about whether we can handle one more, even though we want to. So we'll be deciding one way or the other this month and hopefully I will be a part of this thread come February. We'll see. In the meantime, best wishes to everyone who is trying already!

    Happy New Year to everyone!
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    Hi all! So nice to see familiar faces.

    I wasn't planning on TTC again until May 2021 or so, but with me being 33 and hubby being nearly 37, he's pretty keen to add more to our family so we get to spend more time with them at the other end of life... he wants to make sure we see them graduate etc etc.

    So now we're thinking possibly starting Aug-Nov this year. I adore my work and colleagues though, so while I'm excited by the idea of adding to our family I'm also anxious about what I'll be giving up, and I'd kind of like to see through 2020 doing a really awesome job without being hindered by morning sickness or any other pregnancy issues. Tbh I always thought I'd love staying home with baby, but think I was getting depressed without the sense of purpose work gave me - going back to work has felt really good, as horrible as it sounds!
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    I just wanted to swing by and wish you all a happy New Year and the very best of luck for 2020!

    @kibby Great to see your name pop up, and I'm glad to hear that you're healthy and strong and feeling positive about the future. I hope with all my heart that 2020 is going to be your year.
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