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    Help make a sibling set for Mattie

    Martha Juniper no Mattie is the only name I have on my list for a future child. I am trying to come up with other names that could be her possible brother or sister.

    I am really love Gus as a nickname for either August, Gustav or Magnus. Would any of those work with Mattie?

    Other boys names I like:

    Henry- Nn Hank if it fits

    For girls, I can’t come up with another name that I love. These have been on my list, but aren’t the one.

    Caroline- I only like it as Caroline, no nicknames
    Maxine- Possibly nn Max if it would fit her personality
    Sarah nn Sadie
    June-Feel like that would be weird with Mattie’s middle name, Juniper.

    I am open to any suggestions and thoughts. Thank you!

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    I love the name Martha Juniper, (possibly because I'm partly biased as Martha is my name).

    I love the name August, as well the nicknames of Mattie and Gus.

    Middle name for August suggestions:


    Hope this helps!!

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    Martha Juniper is gorgeous, and the nn Mattie is so sweet! I think Mattie & Gus make a great pair, I love August and Magnus is really growing on me - Magnus & Martha seem like a really cool pair too.

    Henry: Great solid name, although maybe leaning more conservative and lacks some of the spark of Martha?
    Samson: Lovely and more interesting than Samuel.
    Declan: Not my personal taste and seems like maybe a bit of a contrast in style to Martha?
    Theodore: Similar to Henry, great name but maybe there's something a little more zingy out there.
    How about:
    Martha Juniper & Magnus Reid
    Martha Juniper & Samson Fitzgerald
    Martha Juniper & Byron Geraint
    Martha Juniper & Miles Ernest
    Martha Juniper & Rupert Vaughn

    For girls, it seems like you love a vintage and underused style, that is both pretty and spunky at the same time.
    I do LOVE Sadie for you, would use as a first rather than a nn. Some more ideas:
    Martha Juniper & Sadie Margeaux
    Martha Juniper & Alma Florence
    Martha Juniper & Joan Esther
    Martha Juniper & Claudia Maxine
    Martha Juniper & Simone Fleur

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    Martha is actually a new addition to my list that I’ve liked for a little while now, so I love Martha Juniper.

    From your list I really like Henry nn Hank also August nn Gus is also very cute.

    For girls I think Maxine nn Max, Claire and Evelyn fit nicely with Martha. On my list, I paired Martha with Alice and I love it a lot!
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    I love August and Magnus with Martha.

    Other ideas:
    Ruth (nn Rue)
    Susan (nn Suzie)
    Esther (nn Esty)
    Agnes (nn Aggie)
    Penelope (nn Nellie)
    Eleanor (nn Elle)

    Thomas (nn Tom)
    Charles (nn Chuck)
    Harold (nn Hal)
    Reuben (nn Ben)
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