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    Honest Opinions Needed!

    Which of these names do you think are the best to use and why? What do you think of each one?

    Beatrice -
    Bridget -
    Billie -
    Emilia "Milly" -
    Frida -
    Greta -
    Jane -
    Louisa -
    Mabel "Billie" -
    Pearl -
    Rosalind "Rose" -

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    Beatrice - Beatrice is quite nice. There's something royal and elegant about it. I prefer Beatrix a little though

    Bridget - strong and powerful feeling

    Billie - cute, quirky and bubbly

    Emilia "Milly" - Emilia is soft but elegant and Milly is sweet. It is popular though

    Frida - Frida is tough but cute!

    Greta - I don't mind it. It has a distinctive, warm kind of feeling

    Jane - Jane is vintage, literary, versatile and sweet

    Louisa - strong and feminine. It's okay

    Mabel "Billie" - I love this!! Mabel is so warm, cosy and lovely and Billie adds something quirky and bubbly

    Pearl - Pearl is delightful! I love the sounds and imagery

    Rosalind "Rose" - Rosalind has a kind of delicacy while also sounded sophisticated and strong

    Pearl, Mabel and Emilia are my favourites
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    Beatrice - very vintage and the nickname Bea is adorable
    Bridget - sounds outdated to me
    Billie - very outdated in my opinion and doesn’t feel like a stand alone name to me
    Emilia - a little too popular for me, but pretty nonetheless
    Frida - LOVE!
    Greta - not my favorite
    Jane - I can’t get past “plain Jane
    Louisa - pretty
    Mabel - super cute! I don’t think Mabel needs a nickname
    Pearl - cute!
    Rosalind - definitely my favorite from your list! Beautiful and vintage, but still fresh
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    The two names I love out of all your options are Emilia and Pearl though I prefer the nickname Emmie or Emmy over Milly. I also like Beatrice, Greta, Louisa and Rosalind. The others are ok. Billie is the only name I wouldn't use myself as though is just personal taste I think suits a boy over a girl more.

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    Hey! Out of all your names I think my favourite is Mabel! It’s such a cute yet quirky name and I love the nickname Billie with it. I also love Pearl and Rosalind!

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    Hi there.

    Here are my thoughts:

    Beatrice - So cute. It has a kind homely feel, but also sounds wise.

    Bridget - I love this. Kind of a similar feel as Beatrice. Just sounds like a very nice smart girl. It's simple & well known, but not over done. I love the nn Bridie.

    Billie - I wouldn't do it as a full name.

    Emilia "Milly" - Very nice. Ultra feminine, yet sophisticated. Milly is just adorable.

    Frida - I feel like I should like this, but it's just a little harsh sounding.

    Greta - Even though this is similar to Frida, I just *love* it. It's sooo sweet & has old fashioned charm. It's also a little bit spunky.

    Jane -This is fine. Not super exciting (obviously), but perfectly nice.

    Louisa - I like this a lot. It's another one of those feminine names, but it's also smart & not frilly.

    Mabel "Billie" -Mabel is adorable. Old fashioned & a little quirky. Billie is not my personal favorite for a girl, but this is unique & kind of fun.

    Pearl -Love it! So beautiful & elegant.

    Rosalind "Rose" -Rosalind is nice. A little dramatic, but also kind sounding. I like Rose, but feel like it's more of a full name. I'd do just Rose, or maybe Rosalind nn Rosie.

    My personal favorite is Greta, but a great list!

    Hope this helps.
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    Beatrice, Bridget, Frida, and Mabel seem like the best first name options to me. They all have a classic charm and are both pretty and strong. They're all familiar but not overly popular or trendy. They have history but aren't outdated.
    Frida is the most refreshing to me, but I definitely see the appeal of Mabel "Billie".
    I like Greta as well I just don't feel as strongly about it as the 4 previously mentioned.

    All of your names are lovely names, though I think most of the others would do well enough as middles.
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    My personal favourites are Emilia and Louisa. Emilia is a good alternative for a popular Emily and Loisa is a classic that never get dated.
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    I love Bridget and Greta, both feisty, feminine, unexpected but quite traditional in feel.

    Jane, Emilia, Louisa, good names. Billie is cute. Not such a fan of the others. I prefer Rose on its own.

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    My favourites are Beatrice, Billie, Emilia "Milly", Louisa, and Mabel (though not keen on Billie as the nn, personally).

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