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    Baby 6 needs help!

    Didn’t think I would find myself back on nameberry, yet here I am!

    Nameberry has helped me name all of my children except my first:

    T3ss McK@yla Sydney
    K@ia F3licity Pearl
    J@sper S1las Robert
    Jud3 R1ver Raymond
    3vangeline M@bel Wren

    Number 6 is Very different than the others, and doesn’t have to match. I just don’t want it to be horrible with their names.

    I wanted Sage, he wanted Zelenia.
    So we came up with Azalea.

    We want to be ready with a second name just in case.

    We were going to use Calliope, but he doesn’t like it anymore, so we are going with Seraphina for the runner up.

    We are super stuck on middles names for both.

    I’d like to use Margaret and Josephine somewhere in there as they are family names. But doesn’t have to.

    I’d like to keep the middle names more familiar and traditional since the first names are not.

    I like nature names, he likes more sci-fi type names.

    Other names we like but are too popular to use as firsts: Nova, Luna, Penelope...

    Our boys name is Atticus, who also needs middle names.

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    So, I'm hoping I understood this right, but here are some suggestions:

    Azalea Luna Margaret
    Azalea Margaret Ruby
    Azalea Josephine Florence
    Azalea Cicely June

    Seraphina Josie Gwen
    Seraphina Penelope Jane
    Seraphina Callie Margaret
    Seraphina Opal Louise

    All the best, hope I've helped!!
    Mumma to Owen Shepherd

    Hazel Adeline + Nora Eve + Mae Evelyn + Eliza Audrey + Iris Eleanor

    Theo Archer + Jonah Matthew + Kai Benjamin + Flynn Grayson

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    Xavier Isaac James
    Ezekiel Asher Beau
    River Elias Gabriel
    Octavian Noah Caleb
    Atticus Theodore Jude


    Pandora Elowen Frances
    Persephone Matilda Alice
    Seraphina Imogen Violet
    Octavia Felicity Eden
    Zendaya Iris Winter

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    Sarai Matilda|Cherith Eliza|Sholto Felix|Tristan Rafferty
    Trying out...
    Cove Harriet|Everett Louisa|Forrest Alaia|Keaton Sophie
    Fox Eulalia|Sylvan Phillipa|Tate Isabella|Rory Winona

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    I think Seraphina fits better with your other children's names, or Penelope.
    Azalea, Nova and Luna are trendy noun names, but perhaps you can use them as middle names.

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