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    Favourite baby names

    Hi I would love if you guys would say your thoughts on my favourite baby names and rate them. Xx

    Agnes (nn nes)

    names I love
    indigo,nephele,cassia,athene, Valentina,uma,una
    Freddie, atticus, river, Elio

    Cassia moon
    Indigo nephele,
    Henry atticus

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    We have very similar taste in regards to boys names! Elio is one of my favourite names and is a contender if we have a boy next, as is Atticus. I love that they’re both literary and that Elio always evokes images of summer in Italy for me (because of Call Me By Your Name). I love the name Otto too and have always had a soft spot for Henry and Freddy. They’re all strong and sweet names at the same time. The only one I’m not a massive fan of is River although I don’t at all dislike it.

    I’m not as aligned with you in terms of girls names to be honest although I do really like Indigo and think Uma is quite a cool name. In fact it’s one that could really grow on me. Valentina, although not one of my favourites, is quite a beautiful name and Scarlet is also lovely. I can’t say I’m a fan of the rest... Nephele is interesting though, I like the mythology behind it and think it would make for an awesome middle name.

    Overall, great names! A really interesting, diverse selection.

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    You have a great style when it comes to girls!
    Cassia- much fresher than Cassidy, Cassandra etc. I’m not sure on the pronunciation, but I would definitely prefer Cas-sia over Cashi-uh, which sounds ugly.
    Indigo- I’m not all that sure on this one, but it’s definitely a way better color name than the old Blue or Grey. The adorable nickname Indie makes it worth using.
    Valentina- Valentine is preferable, the a ending just makes the name overly long and clunky. Again though, awesome nickname opportunities Val and Tina.
    Illeada- sounds like a reference to Homer’s Iliad, though that’s probably not what you were going for. This is my least favorite of your girl names, it sounds made up and sort of pretentious
    Nephele- makes me think of nephew. The sound alone makes me hate it, sorry
    Athene- here I prefer the -a ending. Athene is how Athena is spelled in some countries, but keep in mind that it also has a different pronunciation (Ah-teyn). So if you’re spelling it that way just to get an edge over the increasingly popular Athena, and botching the pronunciation, just leave it be.
    Scarlet- this one is great, timeless but still with a cool, strong feel. I also like this spelling better!
    Uma and Una- I really like the sound of these two, though my preference is definitely towards Uma (because of Uma Thurman and the m sound is just smoother)
    Agnes (nn nes)- this name gives me cognitive dissonance; on one hand, it’s a super stuffy old lady name, on the other, it reminds me of that adorable little girl from Despicable Me. But I think Agnes will manage to shake off its old-fashioned feel, so it seems like a viable option in the future. The nickname is awful though. Come on, the name is short enough and ‘Nes’ has literally none of the names appeal.

    I’m not very impressed by your boy’s names, because they’re pretty much the archetypical favorites of every single nameberry user. Elio is the one I like best, because although Eli- names are skyrocketing in popularity, this one feels a bit more special and the -o ending is just adorable. For Henry, I understand the popular appeal because it’s just the sweetest name ever! Freddy is cute as well. Atticus however just screams “look everyone, I read one book about racial prejudice in high school and now I’m super woke”. I get the appeal of naming your child after such an impressive character, but if you want to go down that road there are infinitely better options, like Luther. River is ok though I’m personally not a fan, because I’ve got a huge pet peeve against both nature names and those “cool” names ending in -er (Wilder, Hunter etc).
    Otto is a name whose appeal I will never understand. I’m half German, and the name pretty much died out two centuries ago with Heinrich, Günther etc. So I think of it as the ultimate old-man name (and not in a good way!) But if you Americans want to revive it that’s fine I guess.
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    Otis Henry is here! 💞

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