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    Getting somewhere...

    So last week I posted about my boyfriend and I being worlds aparts in terms of naming preferences but we've had a few discussions and we've actually created a short but sweet list. I'm looking for opinions, and perhaps any other suggestions that you think fit our styles, and maybe which ones go together as sisters or with potential brother Isaac.

    I have really had to tone down my style in the sense that I would a million percent name my daughter Pandora but those sort of names will need to be left as guilty pleasures. My boyfriend generally likes quite safe, common and traditional names. However, we are trying to bridge the gap and have created the following list...

    Felicity "Flick"
    Harriet "Hattie"
    Penelope "Nellie"

    Some other possibles to add to the list are;
    Arabella "Ari" (perhaps a bit too popular for me now, plus Bella is very trend)
    Cecilia "Cece"
    Delilah "Lilah"
    Gabriella "Brie/Briella"
    Yasmin "Minnie"

    So what do you think of the names listed, favourites, least favourites, other ideas?

    I'd personally like two middle names, one is likely to be Frances/Francesca and the other a name that related or similar to Leon (BF's name). So something like Harriet Leona Frances.

    Xavier Isaac James
    Ezekiel Asher Beau
    River Elias Gabriel
    Octavian Noah Caleb
    Atticus Theodore Jude


    Pandora Elowen Frances
    Persephone Matilda Alice
    Seraphina Imogen Violet
    Octavia Felicity Eden
    Zendaya Iris Winter

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    I love CeceliaCece”!
    Cecelia Francesca Leona - very dramatic
    Cecelia Frances Leona

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    Thea - stunning! Definitely my favourite. It is sophisticated, unique, but recognized and easy to pronounce and spell.

    I also really like Delilah, Margot, and Cecilia.

    Good work getting such a nice list!

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    I personally LOVE Pandora!

    I also like:

    Gabriella "Brie/Briella"

    Good luck
    Jess, 26, England

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    Luna Bliss

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    I like a lot of your choices, but Margot sounds perfect with big brother Isaac to me! Margot Leona Frances would still be lovely.
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    The following three are really lovely:

    Margot Leona Frances
    Thea Leonie Frances
    Ivy Leona Frances

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    Hi there.

    Good job on finding a middle ground! Here are my thoughts:

    Felicity "Flick" -I love Felicity (my husband hates it, so I envy you!). It's so cheerful, old fashioned & a little quirky. Flick is kind of fun, but I think I prefer Fliss. Flick kind of reminds me of a horse.

    Harriet "Hattie"-Ooh, lovely! I don't personally love Harriet, but I do at the same time think that Hattie is too nick-namey. This is smart, unique yet still well known.

    Margot-This is cute. I see it all the time on this site; soooo, I guess maybe it's only common amongst name freaks? . Either way, I'm getting a teeny bit tired of it, but it's a fun name.

    Naomi-I don't personally love it, but another fun name that's well known yet not at all over done.

    Penelope "Nellie"-Love it! I'm in love w/ charming and sweet. Penelope is a great way to get it too. It's a tad common, if that bothers you. Cornelia is a more unique option.

    Selena-Meh, I don't love this one. It's okay...seems a bit trendy.

    Thea-Aw, this is sweet. Simple, feminine, not frilly. I kind of like it better as a nn, but am starting to come around to it as a full name. I love Anthea the most, but also Althea, Dorothea or Theodora.

    Some other possibles to add to the list are;

    Arabella "Ari" (perhaps a bit too popular for me now, plus Bella is very trend) -I think this is lovely, although I like Ari for a boy. Bella is quite common.

    Cecilia "Cece"-Pretty much every other kid under the age of six I meet is named this. Cecilia is a smart, classic name. I'm just a tad sick of it.

    Delilah "Lilah"-I meet a lot of these too. It's not my favorite; sounds kind of snobby.

    Gabriella "Brie/Briella"-Meh, this is not my style. A bit trendy.

    Ivy -Kind of cute & quirky. I don't love it, but it's nice enough.

    Rosalie/Rosalia-Ooh, I like both of those! Love most 'Rosie' names. Such beautiful imagery too.

    Yasmin "Minnie"-I think Minnie is adorable. I'm not a huge fan of Yasmin, but it's different. I like Clementine, Imogen, Millicent or even Miranda.

    Hope this helps.
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