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    How does this sound?

    Hey. How does the name Amelia MaeMilly” sound as a sister to Eliana KatharineEllie”?

    Thank you!!

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    Amelia Mae and Eliana Katharine are great together!!
    However, all though lovely I personally find Milly and Ellie too close, but it is absolutely usable! They do sound cute together

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    Thank you! Not sure if we’ll be using Amelia just wanted to ask. Right now my fiancé and I are loving Adalynn. But I like cute nicknames. And I like IE ending sound of nicknames and don’t know other cute nicknames like that for Amelia

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    Any other opinions?

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    Amelia Mae "Milly" works perfectly, imo!
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    Is Milly to close to Ellie?? They are only nicknames. But I like cutesy nicknames that en in Eee sound

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    I think Amelia and Eliana (and Milly and Ellie) make a great sibling set. EmiliaMilly” and ElianaEllie” would also make a great set. Milly and Ellie make a spunky, vintage, friendly sister set.

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    What a beautiful sibset!! I think the nickname are to similar though, some nickname suggestions...
    Eliana - Lia, Ana, Elia, Elle
    Amelia - Ama, Mellie
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    Amelia Mae is a very, very common on option in the UK so I wouldn't pick it all and personally, it's just not my style. Very predictable!

    Eliana and Amelia are ok together and the nicknames do work together - Milly and Ellie.

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    Eliana and Amelia are lovely together. Ellie and Millie are similar, but I wouldnt say too close. You've always got the full name to clarify anyway.
    Assuming Eliana is already stick with the nickname Ellie, some other options for Amelia, if the similarity bothers you, are Amy, Mimi and Leah
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