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    Which name option would be less hassle for her?

    Hi there.

    My all time favourite name is Lucia and Lucie. However I have been thinking about how my own name has been nothing but hassle for me through out my life both with both spelling and pronunication, I am wondering if I should use a different name for a future daughter.

    I pronounce Lucia - Loo-see-uh. I know however there are two other pronunciations - Loo-sha and Loo-chee-uh. I don't mind either prounciation. I am just concerned having multiple pronunciations of her name might be confusing for a child.

    While I love the spelling Lucie I already know it's the least common spelling. Lucy being the number one spelling.

    So my questions are these... Should I worry about the pronuncations of Lucia being confusing? Should I change the spelling Lucie to Lucy for ease?

    Thanks to all who reply.

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    I think that your pronunciation of Lucia is lovely, and I personally (as I have also had trouble with people pronouncing my name) don't think that it is too much of an issue. I'm not sure what area you live in, but where I live in, that is mainly the assumed pronunciation. Even if someone makes a mistake, I've never minded correcting them (and I've gotten some pretty idiotic ones, so at least mistakes in terms of this name are fairly limited!). I think that Lucia is a lovely and beautiful name, both in sound and the way it is written and that if you prefer it, you shouldn't worry too much.

    In terms of Lucie/Lucy, I definitely prefer Lucie. It isn't super out there if that's what you're worried about. I think it has a much better 'look' to it, and it isn't as common - in my personal opinion, Lucy has been fairly over done. Overall, I think I prefer Lucie over Lucia, but both are stunning names! Good luck.

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    Lucy spelled this way would probably make things easier.
    As for Lucia, I think you'd have to decide whether you mind having to correct it. Loo-see-uh is the one I've heard being used most often if that helps?
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    I used to always say Loo-see-uh, then I started hearing Loo-chee-uh and so now that is where my brain goes. Personally, though, I prefer your pronunciation
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