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Thread: Barnaby??

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    Do you think the name Barnaby is usable? I know that many people like 'old man' type names but is Barnaby too much? We've decided not to find out the gender until the baby is born so we might not even be able to use it, but is it usable if we can? Do you like it?

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    There is a trend of using old and vintage names for babies.
    It is definitely usable
    I really like this vintage name

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    I like Barnaby! I knew one once and it suited him perfectly!
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    I like Bartleby a bit more but yeah they're usable old man names.

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    I do like it, my husband decidedly likes it but not for a child... So I think people really go one way or another on this one. Barry, Ben, Abe are probably preferable nns to Barnie as I think when people dislike Barnaby it's because they dislike this nn.
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    I think Barnaby is adorable! It has such a sweet, kind feel, but is also masculine & handsome. Certainly unique too, but not too difficult to spell or say. You could also do the nn Barnes, if you want something a little safer.

    Hope this helps.
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    I love Barnaby! It's very charming and handsome imo, yet playful.
    I think it suits kids really well, and would age gracefully.

    Barnes is a nice idea for a nn!
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    I think it is usable and very interesting!!!
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    One of my favourites! I think Barnaby is a brilliant name, it sounds wise and friendly, yet has strength and weight to it. I really quite like the nn Barny, but also find Barnes pretty striking!
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    I adore Barnaby! It's so usable I think!

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