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    Which name is better?

    We are seriously stuck between 2 names for baby girl #4. Georgina and Ada. Big sisters are Cecilia Vera and Helena. We like Georgina because it fits our other daughters previous pattern of second letter E and ends in A. I also love the idea of calling her Georgie. Ada does not fit our pattern, but it is just so sweet. I worry it’s too short compared to the others, though. I like Georgina more, my husband likes Ada more. Which one is better?

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    I prefer Ada -short, sweet and vibrant -it ends in A like your other girls and fits well between the longer Helena and Cecilia and shorter Vera.
    Georgina is nice too wo you cant really go wrong
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    Both are good names and both work well with the family vibe. I'm a real fan of all the George names so I do prefer Georgina and love nn Georgie.

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    Would the spelling Aeda be too odd for you? That would lengthen the name a tad, as well as make it fit the trend you have going. Unfortunately the alternative spelling would make Aeda a little less traditional than her sisters, but not too bad. I think Georgina is cute and traditional sounding as well, but George names feel overused to me. Another thing you could consider is naming her Nevada, and calling her Ada. The name isn't as traditional as Cecelia, Vera, and Helena, but it fits your second letter e, ends with a trend.

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    They are both beautiful names and you can't go wrong with either. Even though Ada doesn't fit the theme as well, it still is the same vibe as the other names and it's more important to pick the name that you love rather than the one that just fits the best.

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    Hi there.

    They're both great names, but I give the slight edge to Georgina. It's more interesting. Ada is sweet, but getting kind of common & it's also just similar to names that are super common. Georgie is adorable & unique. They both go pretty well w/your daughters' names.

    Hope this helps.
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    I think Georgina Ada is the name honestly. Put together it sounds quite sweet.

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    Warmest congratulations, @td72515!

    May I suggest …

    Cecilia {and} Helena; Vera {and} Ava
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    I think it depends on if your pronunciation of Helena rhymes with Georgina--if so, I would use Ada, if not, I prefer Georgina. I think Gemma, Jemima, or Delilah could be good options, if you just can't choose between Georgina and Ada. I especially like Gemma.

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    I think both suit sibset.
    I much prefer Ada.
    How about Georgia?
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