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    Is Torin too odd?

    I'm still on my quest for a strong sounding Irish boy name. I've been obsessed with A Song of Ice and Fire by George RR Martin and love the ring of Torrhen Stark's name. The spelling isn't for me but Torin seems like a much less offensive spelling. With that being said is it too strange and unfamiliar sounding or unique but not obscure?

    We like the middle name Thomas as well so perhaps the double T might sound too rhyme-y.


    Still wrestling over Kieran, Jack, and Callum. Boys name are hard!

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    I’ve been in love with Torin since I was 13 and he’s the longest standing name on my shortlist for boys and girls! I was always shocked that Torin wasn’t more popular because he seems to fit so well into current trends. Irish (like Liam and Aidan), ends in N (like Mason and Logan), and seems like he would fit perfectly into a classroom with Jackson and Noah.

    I agree, boys names are challenging! Torin is one of my absolute favorites so he would get my vote, but I also have Kieran and Callum on my list. Great minds think alike, I guess!
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    I think it's totally useable! It's very similar to Soren, Corbin, Tobin and Corin, some of which Ive heard in person.
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    On I think it's lovely, it's nice you don't hear it much.
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    I really like it. It is unique and uncommon, but known, so a great choice. As you mentioned, unique but not obscure. Torin Thomas works fine and if you are wondering about the two Ts, I think alliteration makes for a memorable name and in day to day life, we seldom say our first and middle names together.

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    It's definitely usable, and he won't have any other in his class either!
    I think Torin Thomas works great - I love the alliteration.

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    Man, I like Torin, Thomas, Kieran, Callum, AND Jack! Jack is my all time favorite name and I have a son named Callum... soooo... I'm no help. Torin Thomas is great.

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    Someone I know just used Tauren and, while it was definitely odd at first, it slowly became easier to see it as an actual name. Torin Thomas is actually really handsome! For what its worth, and not that this helps your dilemma any, but I love all of the names you are considering. You can't go wrong with any of them

    Good luck!

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    I don’t think Torin is odd or strange. I have it on my long list. Torin, Ciaran (spelling I personally prefer), and Callum would make a great set, if you ever had more sons. I like the bold, strong sound of Torin Thomas.

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    I like Torin. I think its cute. It flows well with the current trends, but not overused. Sweet, but not too feminine. And it doesn't sound too "out there."
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