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Thread: Arthur Callum

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    Arthur Callum

    Thoughts on Arthur Callum? Sibling is Thomas. Baby is arriving anyday and right now we think it is our favorite. Thanks for all your help narrowing name in earlier posts.

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    Love it!! It makes an excellent combo
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    It's nice. Arthur and Thomas go well together, and I love the freshness that Callum brings to the older, more classic Arthur
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    Love this! Good luck ☺️
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    Really good combo!

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    I love it! Arthur Callum is an amazing name! Arthur is a very handsome choice and it flows very well with Callum. This combination sounds great for Thomas' little brother.
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    I’m in love! So handsome!!
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    These names are not my personal style, but I still think this is a very handsome combination. Has a lovely, warm sound, and a nice balanced flow.
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    Good choice!
    Will you call them Tommie and Artie?

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    It's a wonderful choice!!
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