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    Naming Myself

    So, I'm an ftm transgender and am looking for a new middle name. My first name is Ari (It's close to my dead name, has been my nickname for a really long time, and it's just easier for everyone, I'm not trying to be cool with an unusual name here, so please don't judge) My middle name is super feminine and I'm not a fan, so I'm looking for something a bit more masculine.
    My last name is Mitchell and I have four brothers Anthony Navon, Ezra Thomas, Desmond Scott, and Simon Ellis, I kind of want something that'll go with them, but it doesn't really have to.
    I'm also a writer and an artist so I'd like to avoid using my character's names, but I'm not too bothered about it.
    This is a very difficult thing for me to figure out since there are so many names I like that are off limits.
    I want something that flows smoothly, but I'm open to all kinds of names. I just can't seem to find anything that I feel goes with Ari well, so I'm a bit frustrated. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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    That's cool you are going by a name similar to your dead name. I am transgender as well, and my name is Aurelio. I go by Ray (or Leo, that's what my gf calls me), and it is pretty gender neutral, and close to my dead name, so it is waaaay easier for people.

    As far as middle names... I think a one syllable name would be best. They generally blend with names better, and it would break the two syllable pattern in your first and last names.

    Hmm, how about:
    Ari Lane (Layne? I'm not sure, lol)
    Ari James
    Ari Jace
    Ari Grey
    Ari Blake

    Sorry if I wasn't much help. Good luck with finding a middle name!

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    What a great name, Ari!

    The first thing that came to mind as a middle name was Atlas. But, if the alliteration bothers you, maybe try:

    Ari Wilson
    Ari Tyler
    Ari Lucas
    Ari Lawrence

    Hope you find what you're looking for!
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