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Thread: Adoption Game

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    Adoption Game


    Roll once every year for ten years


    1. Unable to adopt this year
    2. International adoption
    3. Adoption with a birthmother
    4. Adoption from foster care
    5. Unable to adopt this year
    6. Your choice


    1. From China
    2. From Haiti
    3. From South Africa
    4. From Vietnam
    5. From Germany
    6. From Argentina

    1. 3 year old girl
    2. 6 year old boy
    3. 3 month old twin girls
    4. 9 year old girl
    5. 1 year old boy
    6. 2 year old twin boys

    {Names all most come from country of birth}


    Number of kids/age/gender
    1. 4 year old boy, 6 year old girl, 10 year old girl
    2. 5 year old girl and 6 year old girl
    3. 2 year old boy and 11 year old boy
    4. 8 year old boy
    5. 7 year old boy/girl twins
    6. 12 year old girl

    {Name must come from top 20 of year they were born}

    Disability/developmental delay/behavioral problem
    (Roll for each child)
    1. Autism spectrum
    2. Dyslexia
    3. Anger issues
    4. Falling behind in school
    5. Deaf
    6. No notable delay


    Story of adoption
    1. Open adoption with single mom named Kate
    2. No contact with mother or father
    3. Minimal: must send teenage parents yearly pictures
    4. Open adoption with father named Aaron
    5. Contact with baby's grandparents Anna and Lawrence
    6. Contact with older brothers Alex (8) and Finn (14)

    1. Girl
    2. Boy
    3. Girl
    4. Boy
    5. Girl
    6. Boy

    {Name is your choice}

    Feel free to add details/pictures

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    May 2015
    You: Magnolia Pearl
    DH: Caspian Arlo

    Unable to adopt

    Adopt from foster care
    DS(8): Christopher JamesKit
    -falling behind in school

    Unable to adopt

    International adoption from Argentina
    DD/DD(3 mo): Camila Marisol / Sofia Esmeralda

    International adoption from Germany
    DD(3): Millie Adelaide

    Unable to adopt

    Adopt with birth mother
    DD(0): Ophelia Winter
    -no contact with mom or dad

    International adoption from Vietnam
    DS/DS(2): Binh Due / Giang Huy

    Adopt from foster care
    DD/DS(7): Evelyn Scarlett / Sebastian Henry
    -no notable delay/ anger issues

    Adopt from birth mother
    DD(0): Ruby Parker
    -open adoption with father Aaron

    Magnolia & Caspian
    Kit (16)
    Camila and Sofia (6)
    Millie (8)
    Ophelia (3)
    Binh and Giang (4)
    Evelyn and Sebastian (8)
    Ruby (0)

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    DW: Annie Delilah
    DH: Andre Ian
    1. Birthmother adoption that has contact with older brothers, Alex, 8, and Finn, 14. A baby boy named Andrew Derek.
    2. Unable to adopt.
    3. Unable to adopt.
    4. Unable to adopt.
    5. Open adoption with father named Aaron. A baby boy named Audie William.
    6. Adoption from Haiti, a 6 year old boy named Peterson Junior.
    7. Adoption from foster care, a 6 year old and a 5 year old girl, Sophia Morgan, who is falling behind in school, and Emma Cassandra, who is dyslexic.
    8. A close adoption, a baby boy named Clinton Douglas.
    9. Unable to adopt.
    10. Unable to adopt.

    AS(12): Peterson Junior
    AD(11): Sophia Morgan
    AD(10): Emma Cassandra
    AS(10): Andrew Derek
    AS(5): Audie William
    AS(3): Clinton Douglas

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    Jan 2016
    DW: Annette Lynn Carmichael
    DH: Joseph Elton Carmichael Jr.

    1. Adoption from foster care; a 12 year old girl who is falling behind in school named Emma Kayla Carmichael.
    2. Unable to adopt this year.
    3. Unable to adopt this year.
    4. Unable to adopt this year.
    5. Birthmother adoption; contact with baby's grandparents Anna and Lawrence; boy named Joseph Elton Carmichael III, nicknamed "Jace."
    6. Unable to adopt this year.
    7. Birthmother adoption; open adoption with father named Aaron; boy named Benjamin Vernon Carmichael, nicknamed "Benji".
    8. International adoption; a three year old girl named Xia Li Carmichael.
    9. International adoption; two year old twin boys from China named Minjian and Jiekang Carmichael.
    10. Unable to adopt this year.

    DW: Annette Lynn Carmichael
    DH: Joseph Elton Carmichael Jr.

    DD (21): Emma Kayla Carmichael
    DS (5): Joseph "Jace" Elton Carmichael II
    DS (3): Benjamin "Benji" Vernon Carmichael
    DD (5): Xia Li Carmichael
    DS/DS (3): Minjian and Jiekang Carmichael
    Christine Charlotte - Adelaide Rowan - Gwendolyn Iris - Evangeline Briar - Juniper Sophie
    Lyla Winter - Ariel Verne - Amelia Vesper - Piper Anneliese - Genevieve Rose

    Nico Alexander - Emerson Lane - Harrison Westley - Everett Madden - Arthur Finnian
    Benji Elton - Milo Robin - August Reuel - Owen Aster - Theodore Kingston

    Oliver - Elliot - Mason - Vincent - Parker / Irene - Penelope - Wren - Lula - Audrey
    Favorite Names - Character Names - Girl Names For Boys

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    Nov 2015
    No Coast
    Me: Stella Ruby (43)
    DW: Alexandra Joy (47)
    DD: Chloe Elizabeth (11)
    DD: Ava Grace (10)
    DS: Felix Boaz (9)
    DS: Jasper Ezra (7)
    DS: August Gideon (6)

    In 2010, we adopted Felix, via a closed adoption. Felix Boaz was placed with us at birth, and we had the privilege of meeting him in the hospital the day he was born and taking him home with us from the hospital. He is now 9 years old and loves playing sports (baseball, soccer, and swimming) and exploring the great outdoors. Felix is a great leader and loves any opportunity to work toward a good cause.

    In 2011, we were selected to become the parents of Jasper through a last-minute open adoption. Jasper's biological parents were going through a difficult divorce at the time of his birth, and finally agreed that placing him for adoption was the best choice for everyone involved. We brought him home when he was ten days old. Although Jasper's biological mother has not been able to remain in his life, his biological father Aaron has consistently maintained a relationship with Jasper. Aaron and Jasper have an annual visit around the holidays, and Aaron is always invited to Jasper's birthday parties and other celebrations in his life. Jasper is now 7 years old and loves Star Wars, video games, and rock music. He is funny and laid-back and a joy to be around.

    In 2013, we met the biological parents of our third son, August. August's biological parents were a teenage couple seeking a semi-open adoption. Although they were not comfortable with the idea of an active relationship post-adoption, they still wanted an open line of communication. Each year, around his birthday, we send pictures of August to his biological family, but there is not much contact beyond that. August is now 6 years old and loves reading, creating with legos, and playing the piano. He is independent and often quiet, but never fails to pipe up with something wise or witty beyond his years.

    In 2014, we met Ava and Chloe, who were 5 and 6 years old. They had been removed from an unstable family situation due to neglect and were both already falling behind academically. We had just been approved as foster parents and believed our adoption journey to be complete. However, we all bonded quickly with these girls, and when they became available for adoption, we knew that they were our children and that we had to make the placement permanent. Chloe is now 11 years old and loves drawing, sewing, and classic muscle cars. Chloe is brave and opinionated and a very loyal sister, daughter, and friend. Ava is now 10 years old and loves gymnastics, animals, and playing make-believe. She is sensitive and nurturing, and absolutely loves being a big sister.
    Stephanie Rae
    💍 Married 10.06.18 💙 TTC Evie or Jude 2020 👶
    Furmommy to: Alexander Hamilton *Hammy* & Marquis de Lafayette *Laffy*
    Proud auntie and fairy godmother to LA•LJ•MW•JA•AE•LMJ•LA
    Current c-c-c-combo crush: Prairie Radiance & Bravery Fox

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    Nov 2017
    You: Veronica Scarlet Underwood
    DH: Tanner Isaac Underwood

    2009: You adopt a 6 year old boy named Li Chang Underwood from China after he was abandoned as an infant.

    2010: You adopt 3 siblings from foster care. There's a 10 year old girl named Madison Alexis Underwood, her 6 year old sister Ashley Isabella Underwood and their 4 year old brother Ryan Joshua Underwood. Unfortunately, Madison is falling behind in school, Ashley is dyslexic and Ryan has anger issues.

    2011: You find another set of siblings exactly the same as Madison, Ashley and Ryan! You adopt them so that they're not separated. The 10 year old's name is Alyssa Grace Underwood, the 6 year old is called Mia Elizabeth Underwood and the 4 year old is named Jayden Matthew Underwood. Alyssa is dyslexic and Jayden is deaf.

    2012: You decide to adopt a baby boy named Hunter Zachary Underwood. He will still have contact with his father, Aaron.

    2013: You decide that children in the foster care system are the ones in most need, so you decide to adopt 7 year old twins named Chloe Sophia Underwood & Tyler Noah Underwood. Chloe is dyslexic.

    2014: After seeing Li thrive, you decide to adopt another child internationally, this time from South Africa. You end up being matched with a 6 year old boy named Esaia Kwanele Underwood.

    2015: You decide to adopt another baby. This time, the child will not have contact with his birth family. You decide to name him Elijah Atlas Underwood.

    2016: You now have 12 children so you decide to take a break for at least a year.

    2017: Although you were planning on taking a break from adopting children, you hear a story of a single mother named Kate who would like someone to adopt her baby girl. She decides to have an open adoption of her daughter, Kennedy Lila Underwood.

    2018: You decide that 13 children is more than enough and decide not to adopt any more.

    2019: For now, you are still set on stopping on 13 children, but who knows what the future holds?

    DD (19): Madison Alexis Underwood
    DD (18): Alyssa Grace Underwood
    DS (16): Li Chang Underwood
    DD (15): Ashley Isabella Underwood
    DD (14): Mia Elizabeth Underwood
    DS (13): Ryan Joshua Underwood
    DD (13): Chloe Sophia Underwood
    DS (13): Tyler Noah Underwood
    DS (12): Jayden Matthew Underwood
    DS (11): Esaia Kwanele Underwood
    DS (7): Hunter Zachary Underwood
    DS (4): Elijah Atlas Underwood
    DD (2): Kennedy Lila Underwood
    Kennedy Lucy Myfanwy <3 Elijah Maxwell Carrow

    Skyla | Veronica | Ayla | Sienna | Aria
    Harper | Addiena | Lila | Haven | Nevaeh
    Rosalie | Macy | Jasmine | Willow | Adelaide

    Hunter | Grayson | Sawyer | Jensen | Max
    Tanner | Atlas | Isaac | Landon | Zachary
    Ezra | Ryder | Kingston | Holden | Wilder

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    Aug 2012
    DW: Emma Louise Harms-Lewis
    DW: Ariel Dianna Harms-Lewis

    DS1/DD3: James Daniel Harms-Lewis and Olivia Grace Harms-Lewis (15)
    DS2: Noah Alexander Harms-Lewis (14)
    DD6: Matilda Adelaide Harms-Lewis (11)
    DD1/DD2: Anabella Raquel Harms-Lewis and Emilia Marina Harms-Lewis (10)
    DD4: Sophie Penelope Harms-Lewis (7)
    DS3: Sterling Oliver Harms-Lewis (5)
    DD5: Violet Ella Harms-Lewis (3)
    DD7: Caroline Harper Harms-Lewis (nb)

    Hello, we are the Harms-Lewis'! I am Emma and my wife is Ariel, and we have kids. Ten years ago we adopted our twin girls, Anabella and Emilia from Argentina. Two years later, we adopted James and Olivia, who were 7 at the time. James has been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, and at the time, Olivia was falling behind in school. The next year, we adopted a baby girl from a teen mother. We have very minimal contact with Sophie's birth parents, but we send them photos each year of her. A year later, we adopt an 8 year old boy from foster care, Noah, who is falling behind in school. The next year, we adopt again from birth a baby boy, Sterling Oliver. While we do not have contact with his mother, we do talk with and visit his older brothers, Alex (13) and Finn (19). Two years later, we adopt a baby girl from birth, Violet Ella, and we have an open adoption with her father, Aaron. The next year, we adopted a 9 year old girl from Germany named Matilda Adelaide. This year, we adopted a baby girl from birth named Caroline Harper and have contact with her grandparents, Anna and Lawrence.

    So, our family consists of Myself (Emma) and Ariel and our 10 children; James, Olivia, Noah, Matilda, Anabella, Emilia, Sophie, Sterling, Violet and Caroline.

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    Mar 2018
    DW: Rebekah Eden Abrams
    DH: Joshua Darren Abrams

    Year One (2009) we adopted internationally from Argentina. We adopted 2-year-old twin boys, Nicolás Adan Abrams and Daniel Andreo Abrams.
    Year Two (2010) we adopted via a birthmother. We have no contact with the mother or father. Our baby is named Eliana Sarah Abrams
    Year Three (2011) we were unable to adopt.
    Year Four (2012) we adopted an 8-year-old boy with dyslexia through foster care. His name is Caden Jack Abrams.
    Year Five (2013) we adopted with a birthmother. We have no contact with the mother or father. Her name is Hannah Leah Abrams.
    Year Six (2014) we adopted internationally from China. We adopted a one-year-old boy named Lin Yating
    Year Seven (2015) we were unable to adopt.
    Year Eight (2016) we adopted a 12-year-old girl with anger issues from foster care. Her name is Emma Hailey Abrams.
    Year Nine (2017) we adopted internationally from Argentina. We adopted a 9-year-old girl named Stella Maris Lalia Abrams.
    Year Ten (2018) we adopted through foster care. We adopted a ten-year-old girl with dyslexia, a six-year-old girl who has no apparent difficulties, and a four-year-old boy with dyslexia. Their names are Sophia Riley Abrams, Ava Lily Abrams, and Jackson Jayden Abrams.

    Now it is 2019, our family is complete.
    Bekah and Josh
    Emma is fifteen. Through love, therapy, and having younger siblings to help care for, her anger issues have subsided immensely. She still has some outbursts, but she knows she is loved and that her anger is not who she is. Emma is very musical. She sings in the school choir and is part of the high school band.
    Caden is fourteen. Through help and extra support at school, he is excelling and finding ways to learn around his dyslexia. Caden is the families biggest athlete. He plays football, basketball, and golf. He is a well-rounded kid!
    Nico and Daniel are both thirteen. The twins love playing video games, reading books, and dancing. Nico is enrolled in gymnastics and Daniel spends time writing short stories. The brothers are close to Caden and very protective of JJ.
    Ellie is eleven years old. She loves being in nature. From hiking to gardening at the school farm, Ellie is in her element. She brings sunshine and happiness into our lives and is a kind and caring sibling.
    Stella is eleven year old. Stella is very active. She skateboards and is a part of a competitive dance team. Stella loves school, and is a member of her academic debate team. Stella always seems to have energy, and often wears out her siblings when they all play.
    Sophie is eleven years old. She is a very studious pre-teen. She is interested in science and math, and attends afterschool STEAM activities. She wants to work for NASA when she is older, or create robots that clean the world.
    Ava is seven years old. She loves to read and draw. Ava's favorite activity at school is going to the library once a week to pick out new books. She also loves reading to JJ.
    Lin is six years old. Lin is the goofball of the family. He has a natural timing for making people laugh. He is a typical six year old boy, and loves to play with his siblings.
    Hannah is six. She loves to play pretend. She'll be everything from a princess to a superhero to a dinosaur. Hannah goes to an acting class once a week, and was honored to be cast as Gretl last year in a community production of The Sound of Music.
    JJ is five. JJ is a big foodie. Unlike some of his siblings, who are picky eaters, JJ will try everything that is put in front of him, and he'll usually like it. He loves to hang out in the kitchen and help his parents cook and bake. He also loves spending time with his big siblings playing or cuddling.
    25 ~ Jewish ~ Name enthusiast

    Aliza Ruby ~ Ariel Flora ~ Dahlia Eden ~ Hannah Juniper ~ Leah Dove ~ Liora Emerson ~ Maia Wren ~ Naomi Arden ~ Noa Winter ~ Serenity Ruth ~ Shira Ivy ~ Yael Sage

    Aliza = Uh-lee-zuh ~ Leah = Lay-uh ~ Shira = She-ruh

    Asher James ~ Elijah Sorrell ~ Ezra Forrest ~ Jonah Elias ~ Jonathan Wolf ~ Judah Fox ~ Micah Alexander ~ Nathaniel Louis ~ Noam August ~ Raphael Wilder ~ Rowan Zev ~ Samson Grey

    Louis = Lewis ~ Noam = No-uhm

    updated 3.19.20

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    Nov 2017
    DH: Oliver Augustus Park
    DW: Fiona Ophelia Park {Gaines}

    (2009) 1. Oli and I decided to adopt two girls that we had been fostering for almost a year. Their names are Samantha Elizabeth and Madeline Alyssa. Sam is 6 and has dyslexia, and Madi is 5 and has autism.

    (2010) 2. no adoption

    (2011) 3. no adoption

    (2012) 4. We adopted Persephone Ophelia Park from her birthparents. We keep minimal contact, and we must send the teen parents yearly pictures.

    (2013) 5. We adopted two of our foster girls named Addison Olivia and Isabella Riley. Addy is 6 and has anger issues, and Isa is 5 and is deaf.

    (2014) 6. no adoption

    (2015) 7. and I decided to do our first international adoption and adopt 2 year old twin boys from Vietnam. Their names are Huynh Bao and Chien Son.

    (2016) 8. no adoption

    (2017) 9. We adopted Phineas Oliver Park from his birthmother, Kate, in an open adoption.

    (2018) 10. We decided to internationally adopt a 3 year old girl from china. Her name is Daiyu Mei.

    2019 Complete Family Tree
    Oliver Augustus Park (48)
    Fiona Ophelia Park {Gaines} (47)
    -Samantha Elizabeth Park (16)
    -Madeline Alyssa Park (15)
    -Addison Olivia Park (12)
    -Isabella Riley Park (11)
    -Persephone Ophelia Park (8)
    -Huynh Bao Park (6)
    -Chien Son Park (6)
    -Daiyu Mei Park (4)
    -Phineas Oliver Park (3)

    Oli+Fia, Sam, Madi, Addy, Isa, Persie, Huynh & Chien, Daiyu, and Phin
    Teenberry//Aries//Theatre Nerd//

    Evangeline, Eleanor, Elody, Lennox, Hazel, Fiona, Persephone, Anastasia

    Oliver, Silas, Sebastian, Ezra, Percival, Perseus, Atticus, Augustus, Callum, Gideon, Finch

    Paisley Grace

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    Jan 2014
    DW (39): Sofia Rose Garcia (nee Mendez)
    DH (42): Michael Evan Garcia "Mike"

    ADS (18; adopted from foster care with brother): Ethan Daniel Garcia
    ADS/ADS (11; adopted from Argentina): Mateo Benjamin Garcia & Bruno Felipe Garcia
    ADD (10; adopted from foster care with siblings; dyslexic): Grace Elizabeth Garcia
    ADS (9; adopted from foster care with brother; deaf): Logan James Garcia
    ADD (7; adopted from Germany): Lina Agatha Garcia
    ADD (6; adopted from foster care with siblings; deaf): Harper Amelia Garcia
    ADD (6; adopted with open relationship with mother Kate): Faith Alexandra Garcia
    ADS (4; adopted from foster care with siblings): Jackson Elijah Garcia "Jack"
    ADD (3; open adoption with a father named Aaron): Maisie Danielle Garcia
    ADS (2; minimal: must send teenage parents yearly pictures): Samuel Theodore Garcia "Sam"
    ADS (1; adopted from Haiti): Jonas Emmanuel Garcia

    Mike & Sofia have Ethan, Mateo, Bruno, Grace, Logan, Lina, Harper, Faith, Jack, Maisie, Sam, & Jonas.

    Momma to little Theodore Jack (7/2/14), and Everett William & Nora Elizabeth (12/29/15).

    Wesley James, Samuel Edward, Landon Jace, Declan Levi, Blaise Elliot, Elias John, Everett William, Tobias Benjamin, Dominic Eli
    Faith Elizabeth, Clara Rose, Elena Harper, Maisie Eloise, Margo Elizabeth, Nora Cadence, Lydia Diane, Aurora Blair, Amelia Rose

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