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    Middle names for Theo

    Our first son is due early November and we have been set on Theo from the very start. We decided just Theo and not Theodore as we wanted it to be short and sweet. Now we are undecided on a middle name, I like quite George and my fiancé likes Oliver as that’s his middle name but I don’t know if they really suit or not.
    Any help/suggestions for a perfect name to go with Theo will be appreciated?
    Thank you, Kate

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    Both Theo George and Theo Oliver are really lovely. I prefer the name Oliver but George probably flows better with Theo. I’m saying that I think the flow of Theo Oliver is good too so I’d probably go with that myself... Either way, nice name!

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    I like Theo George!!

    Theo George Oliver would sound nice if you're open to two middles!

    I'll also suggest
    Theo Oscar
    Theo Jude
    Theo Jasper
    Theo Lawrence
    Theo Edward
    Theo Jackson
    Theo Elijah
    Theo Peter
    Sarai Matilda|Cherith Eliza|Sholto Felix|Tristan Rafferty
    Una Adele|Mabli Charlotte|Percy Evander|Otto Elias
    Cleo Tallulah|Lois Aurelia|Jesse Peregrine|Bram Atticus
    Maeve Emily|Sloane Felicity|Linus Theodore|Jude Amadeus

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