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Thread: Isla or Isobel

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    Isla or Isobel

    We are trying to choose a Scottish girls name to use if we have a girl next month and Isobel and Isla are the only two that we seem to like. But we can't decide which we like more/which will lend her to an easier time with spelling/pronunciation etc. I don't want her to have a hard time spelling her name out etc.

    It would be great to hear everyone's feedback on the two names.

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    I love both options, but Isla is my favourite!

    Also, something to consider, Isabelle, Isabel and Isobel are all common spellings, so they might get confused for one another.

    Have you considered Elsie?? I know you didnt ask but it's a lovely Scottish choice!
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    Thanks! I was feeling the same with Isobel - two many spelling options!
    I love Elsie but my husband doesn't like it unfortunately.
    Mumma to Lachlan William Blair (born: 20/9/19).

    Always remembering our angels who were too beautiful for earth:
    Lachlan Sloane (6/1/16), Cameron Riley (20/12/17), Maisie Faye (29/4/18) & Annabel Delta (14/10/18) xx

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    If your main concern is ease of spelling, I do think Isla would be easier, because it is an increasing familiar dominant spelling where as Isobel would likely often be mistakenly rendered Isabel and Isabelle. Both are lovely choices, but Isla does feel a bit fresher at the moment.
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    I personally adore Isobel and have it on my short list. I also love the nickname Isby. People will misspell and mispronounce even the easiest of names. Many strangers spell my name, Jean, incorrectly...and it’s always some crazy spelling, not something like Gene or Jeanne. All the people that will be close to, or involved with, your family and daughter will quickly learn how to spell and pronounce her name no matter what name you choose.

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    I much prefer Isobel, it’s a timeless, melodic name that’ll never go out of fashion in my opinion (and I love this spelling for it). Isla isn’t bad but it’s extremely trendy/popular at the moment and just doesn’t appeal to me as much. I don’t think either would pose massive problems in regards to spelling although both would likely require some explanation sometimes/often (eg your daughter might have to say “Isobel with an ‘o’” or correct the occasional misspelling of Isla). Good luck with your decision!

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    Isobel gets my vote. I've always loved this name.

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    I love Isobel but as others have mentioned the various spellings might mean she has to spell it. Isla is also lovely and the sounds and clear and the meaning is appealing
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    I like Isla best!

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    I prefer Isla to Isobel, Isla is soft and pretty. Isobel is also pretty but with Isabelle and Isabella being so popular, even though the spelling is different, it’s overused in my opinion

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