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    Post A Name for my Character 54

    Hello, I need your help to think of a name for a character that I created for my cartoon.

    Description: The character is a twelve to thirteen year old boy, he has red hair and has pale ivory skin and wears glasses, he is tall and is overweight. He wears a light blue hoodie and blue jeans.

    It takes place in modern-day America in the 2010s.

    He is a young overweight boy who lives in a nice neighborhood in the suburbs, his father works as a technical writer and his mother is a school teacher, he has a younger brother and sister. He is intelligent, mature, smart, down to earth, confident, witty, kind, understanding, nice, bright, independent, creative, hardworking, responsible, cool, strong, loyal, thoughtful and no-nonsense, who can be a bit snarky, critical, arrogant, and mean at times. He's a young boy who's likes to play video games, watching MCU movies and his most favorite pastime are drawing and playing with legos to make things like buildings, people, animals etc. and he's also a writer who likes to write short stories and fanfics and hopefully wants to be one someday. He's also a football player for his school's football team for which they have won for two years in a row, even though he's cool with his teammates but he doesn't join in their antics, which he considers himself as "The Good Jock".

    The names that i'm considering:

    I would like his name to be nice and modern, if you had already thought of a name, hit the reply button!
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