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    Question Thoughts on Twin Girl Names

    Hi guys! It's me again and I'm on bedrest at the moment, which leaves lots of time to overthink names, so please bear with me My husband and I had almost decided on one name, but we told a friend (their soon-to-be godmother) the name and her reaction was "there's no way you're actually naming your kid that... right?" so I'm not sure about it now. Anyhow, I've been playing with some combos and came up with some that both of us really like:

    Genevieve Aubrey "Evie" & Bellamy Gwen/Aria "Bell/Mia" (I love Bellamy as a whole name, but I don't love either nn and I'm a big nn person)

    Genevieve Aubrey "Evie" and Briar Eleanor? (I've loved Briar since high school but I'm not sure if it's too out there, especially compared to my other kids names?)

    Genevieve Gwen & ? (idk I just really like the look and sound of Genevieve Gwen, don't know what to pair it with though)

    Gwen(yth?) Aria "Gwen" & Genevieve Aubrey "Evie"

    Briar Genevieve & Violet Freya (again, on the fence with Briar on a real live child, I do adore Violet though my brain is bothered by the -et ending being too similar to Emmett)

    Thea Violet & Elowen Aubrey (Elowen is a one that my husband brought up again the other day, and I think it's sweet but I don't know if I love it)

    What do you guys think? Do any of these stand out to you, either in a good way or a bad way? Thanks for your help
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    ooh, Genevieve "Evie" is so so cute! My favs are Genevieve and Bellamy, and Briar Genevieve & Violet Freya (absolutely gorgeous!)! Gwen is one of my favs as well, Gwenyth Aria and Briar Elowen would be sweet Good luck!
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    Genevieve and Bellamy (Gwen and Bell) are amazing.

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    If I could do some mix and match:
    Gwenyth Violet and Genevieve Briar
    Gwen and Evie
    Gwenyth Thea and Elowen Freya
    Gwen and Ellie
    Gwenyth Aria and Elowen Briar
    Gwen and Ellie
    Genevieve Freya and and Gwenyth Aria
    Evie and Gwen

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    Genevieve Aubrey is such a lovely combo!

    Genevieve Aubrey and Bellamy Aria would be nice!! I really like them together (Bea, Mimi, Bia couldbe other nn)

    Genevieve and Violet Freya or Geneveive and Elowen Briar would be nice too!!
    Genevieve Briar and Eleanor Violet also sprung to mind
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    Love Genevieve Gwen as one name, or Genevieve and Gwenyth as sisters! Genevieve and Gwendolen would be even better.

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    My favourite is definitely Thea Violet & Elowen Aubrey. Briar Genevieve & Violet Freya in second place.

    I'm not a fan of Genevieve, it's outdated imo. Bellamy is gorgeous but completely different to Genevieve stylistically so personally I wouldn't put them together as siblings.
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    This is mixing them up but I love Thea Violet and Genevieve Aubrey (although I would suggest Audra as her middle name rather than Aubrey. Thea and Evie are so very nice together.

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    Genevieve Aubrey and Briar Eleanor are so beautiful, and I don't think Briar is too out there.

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