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    Middle Names for Marigold???

    I am set on Marigold as the first name for our very soon to be here daughter.

    For what it's worth, our last name is pronounced slow-nay-ker with a "long O" sound.

    I am torn between the following middle names:

    Marigold Reyes Slonaker(I really want to love this because it's a family name, the back to back S from middle to last seem to blend too much)

    Marigold Nova Slonaker (I really like the star reference)

    Marigold Clove Slonaker (I think the O sounds flow nicely in all 3 with this combo)

    Marigold Blaze Slonaker (I like the contrast between sweet, sunny first and edgy middle)

    Marigold Sage Slonaker (I think the A sound in the middle sounds good with the other two)

    Please tell me what you think, and make suggestions if you have them!

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    I actually really do like Marigold Reyes!
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    I actually prefer Marigold Reyes over all the other choices.

    What about..
    Marigold Rey
    Marigold Soleil
    Marigold Luna
    Marigold Rain/Raina (or Reyna to honor the family)
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    I also like Marigold Reyes the most. The back to back s's don't bother me much at all.
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    I really like Marigold Reyes! I also think the repetition of the S sounds good

    Marigold and Reyes makes an unexpected combination. Marigold is feminine and cute while Reyes is cool. Together they make a stunning combination because they really compliment each other.

    The other alternatives are really pretty of course, but I don’t think they have the same wow factor.
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    I like Marigold Reyes too! The S repetition doesn't bother me. Perhaps, if it were a first name ending in S, then it would be annoying to deal with the names running into each other, but 99% of the time she'll be just Marigold Slonaker, and most people won't know her middle (but seriously, it doesn't even sound bad). Plus, it's a family name, which gives it extra points!

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    Marigold Reyes is great.

    You could also consider Marigold Adele, Marigold Wynne, Marigold Rue

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    I would choose Reyes, for the significance and because I think it really does sound nice. Reyes has an appealing gravitas. If you insert a slight pause before the surname, you should be fine. I doubt anyone else will even notice the blending.
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    Marigold Reyes would be my pick. It has so much going for it - connection to family - unique - edgy - sounds great with your surname and first name. If the "s" is the only thing stopping you, then I think it's worth it. Meaning and loving a name come before flow in my eyes.

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