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Thread: Tallulah

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    I know it's not to everyone's tastes, but I'm really loving the name Tallulah again lately.

    It's got the friendly, bubbly, approachable vibe I love in names (regardless of what style I happen to focus on), lends itself to cute NN options that I love, like Lulu and Lula(h), it sounds adorable with S/O's surname, and it's relatively easy to spell and pronounce.

    I'm just concerned it may be a bit too "out there" ?

    The only country I've found it ranking within the top 1000 is England & Wales and even there it's not super high, with only 188 births. I can't really find anything else for other countries, except the US where it's well below the top 1000 mark.

    With my family still having strong ties to England and a large portion living there, the popularity overseas does make me feel like it's a bit more usable, but at the end of the day, I still live in North America, lol.

    My other concern is that it might be a bit too upper-crusty/posh sounding? I don't want it to sound like I'm trying too hard to sound aristocratic or something ridiculous.

    So, TL;DR: Is Tallulah too out there? Too posh?

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    I personally don't care for it.
    It makes me think of something we'd name a calf. Like Petunia, Gertrude, Gladys, etc.
    Maybe its just the way it rolls off the tongue.
    But, that's personal preference.
    If you love it and keep coming back to it, I say go for it. Obviously you're pulled toward it so maybe its meant to be. Also, the shortened nicknames of Lulu or Lula are ADORABLE.

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    I absolutely love Tallulah, and don’t think it’s too out there, although I do live in England (it’s actually too high for me haha). I don’t find her posh either, I associate the name with the character in Bugsy Malone, and I enjoy the bright, energetic, stylish, vintage feeling of Tallulah. I think it’s a name that people would remember (a good thing!), and very easily come to love on an actual child/person.
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    I love Tallulah!! It's so lively, bubbly and sweet -full of flair but wearable! It reminds me of the more popular Delilah but with a twist. I've actually met a couple of Tallulahs and they all wore it well
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    Tallulah is very sweet! I don't think it's too posh or aristocratic at all. In fact, I've always gotten country vibes from the name!

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    I live in the UK. I've never met, or heard of anyone called Tallulah, but the name still seems familiar, so it doesnt seem 'out there' too much for me. Unused, but not unheard of. The sounds remind me of Delilah, soft, sweet and playful. I say go for it
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    I think that many names which might sound "posh" to British ears actually are the opposite for Americans. Names like Poppy, Clementine, and, yes, Tallulah, are all sort of aristocratic in England but feel playful and spunky and sometimes almost goofy for Americans.

    I just went and looked at the Telegraph birth announcements and these names fit what I'm talking about:
    Ottilie Wanda Petal
    Alice Ann Buffy
    Lola Beatrice
    Daphne Annabel Lucy & Daisy Lavender Dorothy

    These names might be posh in England, but they're not at all here. I would think of very serious classic names as American "posh." Alexandria Margaret Ann might be a little high and mighty for a regular American girl, but Tallulah would fit in just fine.

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    I like Tallulah, and know of one who spells it Talullah and is 5 years old. She's cheeky and mischievous, so that's exactly how I view the name. Sweet, but mischievous. I had it on my list once upon a time but couldn't really imagine myself using it, it's not really pretentious, but I think it's hard to wear.


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    Tallulah is one I go back and forth on but right now I love it! It's sweet and spunky, and I think simply 'Lu' is an adorable nickname! I live in South Wales so perhaps the fact it is more heard of in the UK is swaying me a bit.

    I still think if you love it you should go for it though.
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    I like it! I know of a few little ones, actually — it’s around the #250 mark here in the UK so actually pretty well-used, but still fresh and fun.

    I don’t find it too “posh” either — maybe once upon a time, but it’s solidly mainstream (but not overused) now so doesn’t have any class associations to me.

    Lots of cute nicknames too. Thumbs up!
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