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    Fresh ideas to double barrel Mary

    Mary was only on our radar as a middle name (my hub's mama passed away suddenly last Nov).

    But I've been thinking about the name as a possible double barrel name if we can find a fresh sounding second name!

    Would love any suggestions!
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    I know a Mary-Pearl, a Mary Lane, and a Mary-Beau.

    I also know a Meribel, which isn't pronounced exactly like Mary-Belle would be but still has a very similar feel.
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    I've been musing on double Mary combos lately, too! I think giving a cool, modern, fresh second name is a good way to punch up the classic Mary. Here are some thoughts:

    Mary Golden (love Margo/t as a nn)
    Mary Harper
    Mary Sloane
    Mary Blair
    Mary Logan
    Mary Piper
    Mary Parker

    More classic, but I love:
    Mary Louise
    Mary Margaret
    Mary Katherine/Kate
    Mary Jane
    Mary Ellen

    I'd also encourage you to think of any males you'd like to honor. For instance, I know a Mary Michael (honors her dad) and I think her name is amazing! You could also do something more unisex (I listed some above) like Mary James or Mary Blake.

    Excited to hear your feedback on this thread because I love the direction you're going in of using Mary as a double-name!

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    Mary Amethyst has been a top favorite of mine for many moons!!
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    I went to college with a Mary Pearl and a Mary Claire, and I liked both of those a lot. They seem fresher than the Mary Beth, Mary Kate, and Mary Jo I also went to school with.

    Some other ideas:
    Mary June
    Mary Blair
    Mary Alice
    Mary Kit
    Mary Tess
    Mary Wren
    Mary Lark
    Mary Olive
    Mary Dove
    Mary Rue
    Mary Liv
    Mary Rose

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