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    Childhood Favorites?

    Just curious & just for fun - do you remember what names you loved as a child? My daughter Alice is four and LOVES to come up with names for dolls, toys, characters, even herself. Her favorites right now are Brooklyn, Serena/Sabina, and her absolute number one, Sally. It got me thinking about the names I loved as a kid and why I loved them.

    Mine were :
    Julia - my baby doll, when everyone else was still calling theirs "baby"
    Celeste - not my favorite but I still think it's beautiful
    Bianca - still a fave
    Annaliese - still a fave
    Asia -not my cup of tea anymore
    Daniela - still pretty but not on any of my lists
    Eve - definitely still a contender if we ever have another girl

    What about you? Do you still like any of the ones you loved as a kid?
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    When I was little, I would take name inspiration from my class at daycare so I remember having dolls and stuffed animals named Aspen, Madison, and Grace after my friends. As I got older, I would take inspiration from people I met but I also had a better idea of names I liked.

    Simone- my first American Girl doll whose name came from bring a friend week at dance. Simone was one of the friends of a girl in the class. I still love this name
    Tatiana- pretty, but too frilly for me now
    Theresa- not a fan now
    Aspen- cute name but the first syllable gets me (didn’t get the reference at age 4 though)
    Juliana- same as with Tatiana
    Natalie- I find this overused now
    Chloe- too popular for me but my recent Dance Moms binge has made me like this again
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    Tatiana was a big one for me too!
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    Yes. Though this was 30 years ago I still remember names I gave my dolls. I tended to like trendy names- Tiffany, Kendra, Sandy, Whitney. The only boy doll I had was Benjamin. The only one of these names I still like is Benjamin...Actually I like Whitney, but for a boy.
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    Samantha: I thought this was the most gorgeous name, now I kinda hate it
    Roxanne: Thought it was funky, fresh, and girly. Now I find it dated.
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    I actually have a list specific to this thread! Most of them were inspired by characters from tv, film and literature that I consumed:


    Matilda (the film based on the Roald Dahl book)
    Madeline (the tv show adapted from the book)
    Lyra (film based on the book Northern Lights)

    I think these childhood associations have left a lasting running thread in terms of what names I like the sound/ look/ meaning of today.

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    I love Eve!

    Ev- my doll was named this. I named her after an Evelyn.

    Tzipporah Yael
    Lennon Honey
    Florence Lilac
    Ruthie Millay

    I still love some of these ❤️
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    Talullah, Phillipa and Clementine were my favourites along with Mandy and Tilly!
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    Mine were Mary, Catherine, Henry, Phoebe, Isabella, Louisa, Bernadette and Chanel. I like most of them now apart Bernadette and Chanel - no idea where I got those from, lol.
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    I was obsessed with Isabella and generally everything that ended in bella.
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