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    Diminutives on the Birth Certificate - Is it OK?

    I know I'm asking for opinions, but please remember, I'm human, I have feelings, as do many others who might like these names - please try to be respectful!

    I know this is a bit of a touchy subject but honestly, I'm just trying to gauge a general opinion from the internet. I know in some countries this is totally standard and in the US it's becoming more common with Sadie, Maisie, Elsie, Millie, etc. climbing, but in general, I don't know what the reaction might be to a roll call/class list with a "just" Millie on it, or a "just" Effie.

    I've always been of the mindset that if I was going to call a child by their nickname 95% of the time, then I'd rather legally call them by their nickname, as I don't see the point in choosing a name I'd never use, or something I don't even like, to get to the nickname, and I'm even less a fan of "stretch" nicknames - something like Penelope nn Poppy, I'm just more of a fan of logical jumps.

    Anyway, nicknames on the birth certificate, or diminutive names, is it ok to use them?
    Does it depend on the name - the ones I like range quite a bit, from more 'normal' options like Georgie, Millie, Mollie, Elsie, Edie etc. to the more outlandish Effie, Dolly, Minnie, Honey, Pixie, Lulu, are some more acceptable than others?

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    Nicknames on the birth certificate are more than ok. And in my opinion, a nickname is a name, so you really are just putting a name on the BC! Haha, I don't get what the big deal is really...

    In regards to the 'type' of nickname, sure some are more 'normal' than others, but the same goes for regular names anyway.

    On a more specific note, out of the names you listed, the only ones I'd be slightly surprised to hear on the BC are Honey and Pixie.
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    I think some are easier than others.

    ie. If you want to call her Georgie, but you also like the name Georgia or Georgina, I would go with the longer name, and then just call her Georgie.

    However, I think if it's a further stretch (ie. Honey from Honor or something - I don't even know what the long version of Honey would be!) then I would just go with Honey.

    I also think it's quite name specific - ie. Mollie & Millie - I would totally just use them, Lulu & Pixie - I think I would want a longer version. I guess for me, the more common nicknames I have an easier time seeing them as the full name, whereas I have a heard time imagining someone's name being just Lulu, rather than Lulu being short for something. Additionally, if I met a girl and she was like "My name is Pixie" I would feel like it was a bit weird she didn't have a longer more "real" name, but I wouldn't feel that way about Elsie.

    So yes, some are more acceptable than others IMO.

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    They're quite common here in the UK, so I would say most are usable. I'd just advise parents to try imagining the name on teenagers, working professionals and older people. Names like 'Dolly' might make your child struggle to be taken seriously, but Millie will be no problem.
    Is it my style? No, but that doesnt make it unusable. Poppy is too cutesy for my taste, but it's very popular as a stand alone name in the UK at the moment. Personally I prefer the full name, as Poppy is basically restricted to going by Poppy, while Penelope could go by Penny, Nel, Nellie, Poppy or Penelope. I like that nicknames allow people to pick the name that suits them better
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    I love diminutive names; technically my name (Carrie) is one, though it's now widely accepted as a standalone name. I've got Millie, Nellie, Addie, Bess and several other "nickname names" on my list.

    I am all for putting the name you like and plan to use on the birth certificate, though I agree with previous posters that a name like Pixie might not age as well.
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    For me, it's absolutely fine. Maybe it's being in the UK but it's pretty much accepted and also expected here? I know people with nicknamey names or who always go by a nickname in a professional setting and they're still taken seriously
    Names like Pixie or Lulu are maybe a little less common and a bit more 'risky' but tbh, people are being bolder with names - or rather names like that are being used mote frequently, so she wouldnt be the 'odd one out' so to speak
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    I'm generally not a fan of nicknames on the birth certificate -- though that doesn't mean it's wrong. It's just my personal taste.

    However, I think there are some nicknames that HAVE become stand-alone names, like Molly, Maisie, Sadie, Sally, Elsie, Millie, Minnie, Jack, Liam, and Theo.

    There are others, like Georgie, Maggie, and Lulu, that are still usually attached to longer names and feel a little incomplete to me (though this isn't a hard and fast line, and I'm sure other people draw it in different places).

    In general, if there was an obvious long form that you didn't actively dislike, I'd suggest putting the longer form on the birth certificate because it gives your child more options. But don't put a name you hate on the birth certificate! If you love Maggie but really dislike Margaret and Magdalena, then it's okay for your kid to be just Maggie.

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    In general, I think the name you are planning on calling the child should go on the birth certificate. So if someone is going to call a daughter Molly 99% of the time, it seems rather silly to put Mary on the birth certificate.

    That said, sometimes you don't really know what will suite a person when they are born so a more formal name that they can work with as they grow might be an advantage. A girl names Beth can only be Beth (or use her middle name) but one named Elizabeth may be Beth as a young child and decide in middle school she wants to be Eliza and as an adult settles into Liz or using her fill name.
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    I think it's absolutely fine, as long as you find a middle that you love and that flows nicely!
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    All of this, exactly.

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