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    Some people have no tact and some people delight in taking every opportunity to knock down a mother trying her best. It unfortunately sounds like your friend is dealing with both. People are jerks. Tatum is a fine name. Even if it wasn't, you don't comment on the name of a child who has been born, period, ever.

    Even if someone asks for my opinion on a name, I have completely different approaches to talking about a name in theory (where I'm way more likely to be blunt and say "it's tryndee and cutesy and not good" if I feel that way) and talking about the name to someone who likes it as a potential name for their child (where you not do that, if you're a decent person). You can say it seems likely people will misspell Chelseigh throughout her life, if mom asks. You can say Americans who encounter Aodhla may not know what to do with it, if mom asks. You can say Elliott may not like being assumed to be a boy, if mom asks. If you're not asked, you can assume your opinion is neither needed or valuable on this particular matter. Tatum, Chelseigh, Aodhla, and Elliott are not going to be harmed by their names even if they're not your personal style.
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