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    I think if someone is asking for opinions, or saying they're not sure about a name, such as 'we're thinking about naming him...' then opinions can be given. Obviously of you dont like a name you shouldn't just say it's horrendous and a terrible name, but giving valid points of why you, and perhaps many others, aren't a fan of a name can be helpful.
    If the baby is already born and named, or the parents are announcing a name *decision* before birth, then any criticism should be held. 'We are going to name him...' is not asking for your views, nor are any criticisms helpful. The parents have made their decision. Same goes for if they are asking on opinions for which middle name for a first name, negatives of the first name are not what is being asked for.
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    Most of the time I'm of the opinion not your kid, not your business. I wouldn't say anything unless someone asked my honest opinion and even then I would try to be gentle. People have different tastes in names and there's nothing wrong with that.
    Tatum isn't my personal style but it's not offensive and I don't find it odd or a bad choice at all.
    You will never please everyone so the best advice you can give someone is to go with the name they love.
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