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    Can I get a few opinions on these names?

    We have 3 boys, (names in my siggy), which of these seem to fit well? (Finnian has been my top, but still collecting. tia

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    Finnian is fantastic as is Kilian! I can totally see them in your set. Gabriel is nice too but Boris feels stuffy and grim, probably because of the BorisJohnson association (sorry)
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    I agree with @greyblue - Finnian, Kilian and and Gabriel are all nice. Boris just makes me think of the terrible human that is the current UK prime minister.

    I like Finnian best of the 4, and I think Finnian goes wonderfully with your other boys.
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    Finnian does seem like the best fit. Gabriel and Kilian are also great options. Some alternatives to Boris could be Morris, Banks or Bryce.

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    Finnian & Gabriel works really well, due to the softer, smoother sounds that sound best alongside your three boys names.

    Boris is far too heavy and dated in my opinion, and Kilian, well, I'm just not keen on the KIL(L) sound at all as I find it very harsh.

    I think Finnian is the best fit, and a great name at that.

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