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    I love Marigold with your boys (and in general), and I think Silvia and Ariel work well too.
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    I love Marigold, it's a GP of mine and I would love to see more people use it! I also love Helen.
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    I like Marigold and Silvia equally with your boys' names.

    Your boys' names have a naturey/literary vibe. Well, Wilder and Rowan are naturey, and Wilder and Emerson are literary.

    I love the woodsy Silvia, especially paired with Wilder and Rowan. I think floral, sunny Marigold is a great fit, too, especially considering it's a word name (and your kids all have word names or surname-names instead of more traditional first-name-names).

    Sophia is beautiful, but it feels more common and traditional than your boys' names, and it doesn't have the naturey vibe or word name connection.

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    I really like Ariel, Helen, or Marigold with your boys. Very cute choices, love all of them!

    To rank them with your boys I'd probably say

    1. Helen
    2. Marigold
    3. Ariel
    4. Silvia

    I don't feel like Sophia fits as well as the others would.
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