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    Alanis Morissette had baby #3!

    She now has a set of three, one girl and two boys.

    Onyx Solace Morissette-Treadway (G)
    Ever Imre Morissette-Treadway

    And new addition:
    Winter Mercy Morissette-Treadway

    As a celebrity name and with this set I quite like Winter on a boy, what do you think?

    Caspian Michael Arrow
    Roland Wesley Quill
    Franklin Noah Quest
    Frederick Arthur Stone
    Sullivan James Wilder

    Bridget Marie Story
    Cordelia Renee Poem
    Avalon Eloise Maple
    Mabel Anne Clover

    first middles are family names
    nicknames at the bottom

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    In this sibset, I think Winter is cool and unique for a boy!

    luna florence | briar daveena | ophelia "fifi" june
    willow katherine | octavia hermione

    perseus "percy" james | harley orpheus | spencer rodney
    dean sirius | charlie phoenix

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