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  • Olivia Poppy Margaux Murphy

    21 38.89%
  • Olivia Margaux Emmeline Murphy

    33 61.11%
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    I think we are down to the final 2 names! Which is best??

    Battle of the Baby Names!!!

    Husband vs Wife.....

    Olivia Poppy Margaux Murphy


    Olivia Margaux Emmeline Murphy

    Which one do you prefer?

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    Both are beautiful. I slightly prefer the flow of Olivia Margaux Emmeline.

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    Olivia Margaux Emmeline Murphy flows better.

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    I like the lightness that Poppy brings to the combo Olivia Poppy Margaux Murphy. Olivia Margaux Emmeline Murphy is lovely and has great flow, I just find that the Poppy combo has a bit extra oomph
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    Olivia Margaux Emmeline is lovely!!
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    I prefer the freshness and bounciness that Poppy offers the combo, and I also enjoy the alliteration of Margaux Murphy.

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    I prefer the Poppy combo! So light and fun, while (and I love the name Emmeline more than I love the name Poppy so this was hard for me) the Emmeline combo feels a bit heavier and clunky to my ears.

    Both are lovely though!

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    I like the combination with Poppy. The other one feels a little stuffy, but I love the freshness of Poppy
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    Olivia Margaux Emmeline Murphy is my favorite! Lovely combinations!
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