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    Question Does the name Adam play well with surnames ending in -man?

    It's hard for me to tell how a certain name sounds to an English native speaker, since my native language is not English.

    Do you think the name Adam plays well with two-syllable surnames ending in -man where the first syllable is open?


    The two endings (-am & -an) sound quite similar.

    My questions are:

    I very much appreciate your input! Thank you in advance.
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    Those names sound great, and I wouldn't have ever thought it sounds bad!

    1. Sounds pleasant!
    2. Not at all!
    3. No associations

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    The way I pronounce Adam is actually way more like "A-dum" as opposed to "A-dam," and I feel like I would probably pronounce Lehman as "LAY-min." So in that particular example they sound different to me (at least how I would pronounce them) and perfectly pleasant together.

    similar to the previous poster...

    1. sounds fine to me
    2. no
    3. no associations. I generally prefer more uncommon names, so to me, Adam is sort of a blank slate - no connotations positive or negative when I hear it, other than the Biblical reference (which is definitely not top-of-mind - only when I really think about it). I can't think of any reason not to use it if you like it!
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    This is all exactly what I was going to say.
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    Adam -man sounds fine! I wouldnt have thought about it if you hadn't pointed it out!
    Adam is a nice name - my main association is that it's my brother's name so i don't think badly of it. It's solid and versatile
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    They sound fine to me. The endings aren't too similar, and -man is quite a common surname ending so not much attention is drawn to it. Plus the emphasis on Adam is on the first syllable.
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    I think it depends on the surname. Adam Jackman, for instance, doesn't sound great to me because of the similarity in all the -a sounds. In general, though, the -am and -an sounds are just different enough that it sounds okay. It's not the best flow, but I'm very particular about that kind of thing. Most people wouldn't even think about it.
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    Could it be because the first syllable (Jack-) is closed here? I.e. it ends with a consonant.

    And what if it's open? For example, Buhman?

    Thank you!

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