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Thread: 2 Middle Names?

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    2 Middle Names?

    What does everyone think about giving two middle names?

    some of the combinations I like are

    Sarah Alina Mercy
    Alina Sarah Mercy
    Sarah Aidah Mercy
    or more simply
    Sarah Mercy
    Sarah Aida/h
    Sarah Khadijah
    Alina Sarah

    I also toying with Sarah Mersiha but this one will be more of a challenge to pronounce.

    Do you think it could be too much? Surname starts with a K and is 2 syllables. Any feedback appreciated. I really want to honour the name Sarah from my grandma so any ways I could do that I am looking for.
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    I'm a one middle name kind of girl myself. Not to say 2 is bad, just not my style. Of the ones you listed my favorites are:
    With 1 middle name:

    Sarah Khadijah (though I'm not sure I'm pronouncing it right..."Kahd-Ya"??)

    With 2 middles:

    Alina Sarah Mercy

    I feel like Sarah Alina runs into each other and also creates the initials of Sam, in case you care about initials spelling things.

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    Alina Sarah Mercy is lovely!
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    I don't see a problem with using two middle names. Theres many reasons why two middle names might be used, such as liking names of different styles, honouring multiple people or just both parents wanting different names. My friend has two middle names, which were his parents choices for naming him, while his first name is a compromise name. I also love the idea of using two honour middle names, one from each side of the family, and a classic middle followed by a word name.
    Alina Sarah Mercy is a lovely name. Definitely usable. Alina Sarah is also very nice, as I love the flow between those names.
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